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January 27, 2014

2014.W3-W4: Awesome

I say the word "awesome" a lot.  Its probably the #1 word that I need to make sure that I edit out of my vocabulary, but I just can't help it.  Its such a great word. 

These last two weeks can only be described with one word: awesome.  They have been filled with perfect work/life balance, new friends, and plenty of sleep.  It doesn't get much better.

Currently Watching:

We saw American Hussle and I loved it. It was not super faced paced, but the acting was incredible and it just felt like a real piece of cinematic art, you know?  While I agree that Jennifer Lawrence stole the show, I am a little surprised that Christian Bale isn't getting more accolades for his role. I thought he was hilarious and completely transformed himself into a person I didn't even recognize as Christian Bale. 

We also watched that new Romney documentary on Netflix.  I am a sucker for a political documentary, so I thought it was fascinating.  It was a little slow, but I really thought the behind the scenes footage showed a side of Mitt we have never seen before. It was interesting to see how candid he was with his family and staff, and how acutely aware he was of how the country perceived him and the challenges he needed to overcome to win. The last scene was my favorite, when the secret service rolled away and left the Romneys in their house, alone. 

PSA:  I am having the impulse to cut my hair.  The last time I cut my hair I vowed I would never do it again, but there are so many cute long bobs right now (I am looking at you Courtney Kerr).  I am trying to remind myself what a pain short hair is in the hot summer, so I am going to try and hold out another 7 months or so...

Photos of the Week: 

Reading and drinking margaritas.  Does life get much better?

I got caught at this freaky stop light on my way home one night.  These birds wrapped all the way around me and I was very scared I was in a revival of Alfred Hitchock's "The Birds". 
Board selfie. But look how long my hair is getting!

Fun weekend tapas and book club!

My morning, a giant cup of coffee and lots and lots of products.

Dan and I went on a hike and I noticed the trees are really, really trying to bloom.  I appreciate your effort spring, and I support it.
We have become obsessed with kolache's on the weekend. 

This past Saturday was National Gonzaga Day, and I joined up with our local alumni group to cheer on the Zags against BYU.  We are a small group, but a proud group.  It was fun!

This past Sunday Dan convinced me to go golfing for the first time in I think about five years.  We went to a little par 3 course, and actually played it twice.  The weather was perfect and there wasn't a long wait for greens.  The course is right near the house, so I bet we spend more time there in the future.
Quote of the Week:

I was reading O Magazine this past week and came across an article called 4 Things (About Marriage) You Can Learn From Your Friend's Divorce.  Which is kind of a depressing topic...but the article was really well done.  One of my favorite parts was called "know your z"- which I thought contained some great advice:
There's a children's book out there in the world called Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, which, like most children's books, is also for adults. In it, all the letters of the alphabet march up a palm tree, one by one. As each ascends, the tree leans over a little more, until a certain plucky Z scales the trunk, at which point the tree, and every letter on its branches, crashes to the ground—boom boom. Marriages are a little like this. There is a definite identifiable Z. The Z is not a hurricane or a bankruptcy or other tragedy that just happens to a couple. The Z is often a fun or exciting idea—that third baby or the move to Cleveland or the dream house that's just a little too expensive. Your friend and her husband, however, are piling it on top of their two full-time jobs, their two kids (one of them a very angry toddler), her aging mother, the master's degree he's pursuing at night and the crocheting business she's pursuing at dawn. "Don't add that Z!" you may think to yourself, or even say to your friend, "Humans have a limit to what they can manage without going insane and loathing every single person who demands so much as a Kleenex from them!" But it's too late—boom boom. It would be nice if you could learn from your friend's experience by saying, "My spouse and I will never fall victim to a Z." First, however, you have to know what that Z is—which means examining the rest of your life together, A to Y.
(Read the entire article by Leigh Newman)


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Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Your hair is so gorgeous! I'm growing mine out and it's taking forever. I just want to get back to pony tail land and with my super short bob, it's so hard to wait.


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