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July 25, 2012

A Collector

I am not really what one would call a "shoe person". In fact, my shoe collection is pretty boring- full of lots of boring black pumps and flats. However, awhile ago I purchased one (note, it started with only one) of the Nine West Berhta flat in the black leopard print and I loved it. It was really comfortable, and most importantly held up really well.

Then, I found out that they were discontinuing the style so I freaked and bought the pink and the black, which I wear all the time.

Then, I got an email from Nine West for a "secret sale" where all the shoes were $29.00 (originally $79.00), and I that is when I lost my damn mind and bought four more colors.

I had to call the customer service hot line to inquire about my order and the lady on the line said "Oh, the Berhta flat, I love these shoes. I own three pairs." I laughed and said "Yea, well this will make seven pairs for me.  I feel a little glutinous."  to which she replied "its not glutinous if its something you love, think of yourself as a collector." 

Nicely done customer service agent, nicely done.

I am not exactly sure how often I am going to be able to wear the gold and silver sparkle ones, but today I am wearing the black sequined ones and I couldn't be happier. 

Best. Purchase. Ever.

*I was not compensated in any way for this post, I just love these shoes*

July 9, 2012


I could watch this a hundred times and still be laughing.  My favorite is the guy on first base. 


July 1, 2012

Books 16-20

My First Ladies: Thirty Years as the White House Chief Floral DesignerMy First Ladies: Thirty Years as the White House Chief Floral Designer by Nancy Clarke

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was such a pleasant surprise. Nancy Clark was the Chief Floral Designer at the White House from Carter through Obama. All the first ladies wrote short introductions to her chapters (except for Hillary Clinton), and her insight into their lives was fascinating. What I was particularly impressed with was even though Nancy had her favorites (Barbara Bush and possibly Michelle Obama), she never said a bad thing about any of the First Ladies.  It did seem like there were some first ladies that were more challenging then others (Nancy Reagan and Hillary Clinton), but the stories were told with such grace and respect it did not come across anything but honest. I was sad to see that Nancy recently passed away, but so glad that she wrote all her memories down for history to cherish.


The Art of War for Women: Sun Tzu's Ancient Strategies and Wisdom for Winning at WorkThe Art of War for Women: Sun Tzu's Ancient Strategies and Wisdom for Winning at Work by Chin-Ning Chu

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I really did not enjoy this book. First, it was braggy. Second, I thought the author talked down to woman and made comparisons between men and woman that were completely outdated and inappropriate. Third, I don't think the author did a very good good job using Sun Tzu's Art of War and translating it to a context that would work for woman. This book just did not make sense. There are so many better books out there on this subject, this book is not worth reading even if you get it for free.


London Is the Best City in AmericaLondon Is the Best City in America by Laura Dave

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the second book I have read of Dave's, and I love her writing.  I think she has a great talent in capturing the normal and making her readers connect to those moments.  I was confused through a lot of this book regarding not only what I wanted to happen, but what I was a supposed to want to happen.  The story was complex, the characters were great, but the plot seemed a little sporadic.  The ending was abrupt and unfulfilling, but I didn't really mind because it seemed real.  I heard Reese Witherspoon bought the rights for the movie and I actually think it would make a great movie, but they are going to have rewrite the ending to make it more final.


The Divorce PartyThe Divorce Party by Laura Dave

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was really good! I think it is my favorite of Laura Dave's three novels. I enjoyed the foil of the two woman and their relationship troubles, and as always, I thought Dave's writing was great. I think this would make an excellent movie.  Reese should have bought the rights to this one!


Sarah's Key
Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

*spoilers* I know that this review is going to be met with a chorus of "boos" but I loathed this book. First and most importantly, talk about no resolution. Who cares about Sarah's son! The whole purpose of the book was Sarah's struggle and the author just killed her off. Julia was not the character your reader cares about, its Sarah, and to make her story so meaningless that you literally drop her as a narrator halfway through the book was baffling. 

Second, I hated the abortion sub-plot. So inappropriate as I do not think that subject mixed well with the underlying holocaust storyline. Not that it wasn't an engaging story, but it was not meant for this book.

How this book every got a movie deal is beyond me, but I am interested to watch the movie to see if it was able to make this horrible story any better.

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