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June 28, 2012

Big Day

This morning, I was logged onto SCOTUS Blog eagerly awaiting the Supreme Court's decision on the new healtcare law. My jaw dropped when I saw the decision, because I don't think anybody expected Roberts to be the swing vote. I immediately went to all the major news network's websites to see what they were reporting. Uh, CNN was reporting this:

I was kind of confused becauseI was pretty sure I had read SCOTUS right and the individual mandate was upheld. I then went to MSNBC: upheld and FoxNews: Nothing.  Then, I refreshed my CNN brower to read, CORRECTION: UPHELD.

Can we just take some time from bitching about or declaring our love for the decision to talk about how funny this is?  I mean they literally had an entire article already prepared talking about the mandate being struck down with a picture of people celebrating.  And from what I hear, Fox News did the same thing live on air.

Its days like today that I just love politics in America.

June 20, 2012

June 18, 2012

April Movies

Wow. So remember when it was mid-June and I just got around to posting our April movies? In truth, May was a crazy month, and so far June hasn't let up, so we are bit behind in our movie watching. Here's the April recap.

I did not enjoy this movie.  I thought the plot was stupid and unbelievable.  While I never complain about watching Mark Walberg, this movie was a bit too ridiculous for me.  Dan, however, loved it, so don't take my word for it.

True Grit
Angela recommend that we watch this movie, and I am so glad that we finally did! I know its an older film, but what rock was I living under? All the actors were amazing and the story was compelling.  If you haven't already watched this movie, it is a must! (Note: I know there is a much older "origional" of this movie.  I haven't watched that either!)

Friday Night Lights
I was really excited to watch this movie because I loved the television series so much.  Plus, a lot of the television cast made appearances in the movie, so I figured it would be just as good!  Boyyyy was I disappointed.  What a terrible film.  Its amazing that the television series ever came to light because I cannot imagine any television executive thinking that this movie would make a good series.

We Bought a Zoo
This movie came out of left field for me. I actually didn't really want to watch it but we downloaded it to watch on our trip to New York and we both loved it!  I was really surprised at how funny it was. I should have known it would be good because Matt Damon almost always seems to pick good movies (coughtakeahintbenafflack).

I have an embarrassing confession to make, I have never actually watched the original Footloose.  I know! Its terrible!  However, despite this embaressing admission, I still really enjoyed the movie- although I am sure the origional is better.  Also Julianna Hugh is a surprisingly decent actress. 

Here are the rankings:

Melissa's April Rankings
(1) We Bought a Zoo
(2) True Grit
(3) Footloose 
(4) Contraband
(5) Friday Night Lights

Dan's April Rankings
(1) Conraband
(2) We Bought a Zoo
(3) True Grit
(4) Footloose
(5) Friday Night Lights

Recently, we haven't been watching a ton of movies because we have been catching up on television.  Our current obsession has been Boardwalk Empire, do any of you watch it?  I was a bit hesitant to watch it at first, but now I am obsessed.  We watched the whole first season in a week.  I can't wait for the second season to come out on DVD!

Until the second season of Boardwalk Empire comes out on DVD, we are embarking on the "Summer of West Wing," which basically just means we will be rewatching the entire series.  This will be the third full watch-through, but its our favorite series and we still love it!

Have you seen any good movies lately?

June 4, 2012

Mom Shorts

Recently, I made the life choice of buying age appropriate shorts. I have been wearing the same shorts since I was twenty-two years old and it was time that they grew a little in the length department.  Therefore, I went out and bought some longer shorts at Anne Taylor (these). They were still shorts and not too long, but they still make me feel kind of old.  But despite the fact that I don't love them, I am sucking it up because I am almost thirty and can't run around in short shorts anymore.

In addition, I purchased a pair of knee length shorts (above) because I have a friend who I saw rocking them while wearing a pair of wedges.  I thought, maybe I can rock them too? So I bought a pair to try and mimic her style. Big mistake.

Que me entering the living room in said knee length shorts.

Dan: Wow. Hi Mom shorts.
Me: What. The. Fuck.
Dan: I mean, they look cute. What made you decide to buy those?
Me: You are rude, I am not talking to you.
Dan: Oh come-on. I'm not saying anything. You are so sexy, you can totally pull those off.
Me: What do you mean by "pull those off"? What is there to "pull off"?
Dan: I really swear, they look good on you.  I just don't understand why you bought them.
Me: Stop talking.
Dan: They are cute, they are just long and I remember you calling them Mom-ish-
Dan: I am going to stop talking.
Me: You do that.

This is quasi odd behavior because my husband knows better then to make such statements, and while I know he didn't really mean anything by it, now I am going to wear this shorts all the freaking time just to make a point that you don't say things like that.  I think in most marriages it would be the opposite, i.e., if the husband said some criticizing remarks about an item of clothes the wife would stop wearing the outfit, but that's not really how our marriage rolls. I am never going to take them off. I am going to sleep in these shorts. I am going to shower in these shorts.  These shorts are my new staple.

Mom shorts. Phesh.



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