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October 28, 2012

Here and There

I recently tried this stuffed shells recipe from Pinterest and it was delicious! Dan even liked it despite the fact that the dish contains no meat (it makes up for it with lots and lots of cheese).  

I have been using this ultimate lift eye gel from Ole Hedriksen for the last few months and have noticed a huge difference. When I went to buy it I nearly had a heart attack because it cost almost forty dollars and is in a really small jar.  However, you don't use very much and I bet the whole jar lasts me almost a year, so its not so bad. 

The dogs aren't allowed in our bedroom when we are sleeping because they wake us up too much during the night either playing or trying to get our attention to go outside.  Kadira started sleeping right next to our door, so we put down an old blanket to protect the carpet. Most morning I wake up to find her sprawled out like the photo above, but one day last week it seems that Toby won the battle and cuddled up in her spot.

I have never lived in a place with a Trader Joes, but they have started popping up all over the Dallas area.  There isn't one too close to our house yet, but we were up in Plano last weekend and we stopped by the new store there to check it out.  I couldn't resist this bunch of Fall inexpensive! 

Of course, there was probably a reason they were cheap because they lasted a hot minute before dying.  Oh well. 

The other day I got a notification that this twitter user had requested to follow me.  I am really selective with who I let follow me, and only accept real people and not businesses, but I almost broke that rule when I saw this.  How hilarious is that? An elliptical while you work? Can you imagine if I did that at my law firm? 

Dan and I recently put together a puzzle- and by "Dan and I", I mean that I lasted for about two days before I got frustrated and became disinterested.  This was the hardest puzzle ever and I find no pleasure in spending three hours to get six pieces put together.  Dan powered through and about a week or so later it was finished....and missing nine pieces.  We have no idea where those are nine pieces went but we have to furry culprits in custody. 

Its been really cold lately and Toby has been in a super cuddly mood.  This photo serves no other purpose then to show cute pictures of my dog. 

This week was a great week because Taylor Swift's new album came out.  I have been obsessively listening to it.  My favorites so far are "22", "I Knew You Were Trouble", and "All Too Well".  Such a talent. Can't wait for her to come to Dallas in May. 

Source: via Cathi on Pinterest

Let me just end this post by saying that Texas is an early voting state and yesterday I went down to cast my ballot in this really important election.  I was so impressed with how well my polling station was run, until I got to the end and walked out the exit to get my "I Voted" sticker and realized that nobody was there to give me one.  WTF polling station!!!! How am I supposed to do my errands with a general sense of arrogance without my "I voted" sticker on? It was so lame and I was really disappointed.  Regardless of this massive defect in the political process, please remember to go vote in this election, its a big one.  


missris said...

Hooray for early voting! We don't have early voting in Pennsylvania and I'm not looking forward to standing in a huge line on election day.

Amanda said...

We have early voting here too, but I'm one of those weirdos who needs to go to the polls on Election Day. Can't be helped. And yes, it's all about the stickers!! How can they overlook that?
(PS - I now want to do a puzzle. Kind of a lot.)


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