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September 20, 2012


It was the craziest thing. One second, it was 100 degrees and the next second something just snapped and all of a sudden Texas cooled down. It just so happened this occurred the weekend Dan and I took a staycation to the Lakeway Resort on Lake Travis in Austin, and it couldn't have been sweeter.

We wanted to go to a resort over Labor Day weekend, but the rooms were expensive and required a two night minimum. Going the next weekend was significantly cheaper, and since it didn't matter to us, we booked our mini staycation on the much less eventful weekend-after-Labor-Day. Let me let you all in on a little secret: go to a resort the weekend after Labor Day. It was deserted and it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. We sprung for a lakeview room and it was worth every penny.  There is just something so peaceful about being on the water:

(sorry for the less then ideal camera phone photo, I forgot my nice camera.)

One of the best things about our room was that deer were all over with absolutely no fear at all.  We later learned its because people are always throwing food to them (which makes sense), but it was still pretty  neat to sit on our patio and watch deer grazing right outside.

We spent a large portion of the day at the pool and the swim-up bar, which was fantastic.  I do not have a picture of it, but if you are thinking of staying at the Lakeway you should google the pool because that was the deal maker for me.  There is not lazy river, which is lame.  However, I imagine most lazy rivers are more "kids screaming at each other" and less "Melissa sipping her cocktail in peace," so that was probably not something I missed that much...

We then wandered over to the restaurant for some coffee and appetizers before dinner.  I was pretty unimpressed with the food there, and was glad we made reservations to go off-site for dinner.

Before dinner, we split a bottle of wine and watched the sunset over Lake Travis. Have you ever done that before?  Its incredible how fast the sun actually moves and how quickly the lights start to change color.


That night we went to this restaurant called Hudson's on the Bend, which came highly recommended to us by friends.  Unfortunately, I learned about this restaurant rather late in the game and could not get our reservation until 8:45, but that worked out alright.  The hotel shuttle actually drove us the restaurant (which was about 15 minutes away) for a much cheaper rate then a cab.  

The restaurant itself is set up like a house, with an outdoor bar and lights strewn across the trees to enjoy while you wait for your table. 

I had a prickly pear margarita, which I only got because two girls were drinking it and it looked like fun.  It was pretty good, but next time I would skip the salt. 

We decided to be adventurous and try food we had never tried before.  We started with the escargot.

I know, its weird that I have never tried snails but quite frankly, I was not impressed.  I mean sure, it was delicious, but (1) it tasted like buttered crab and (2) we got like five for $15.  I know its supposed to be a delicacy, but I don't think its worth the money.

Dan was really adventurous and got the Swamp Platter which included crawfish, alligator, and frog.  No joke. Since it was a five star restaurant we decided it had to be good, but let me just say that frog tastes exactly what you would imagine frog to taste like.  Rough and chewy! I can't even talk about it. So gross.

I, however, got the elk back strap on and thought I was going to die of joy.  Yes, that is crab on top.  And the glaze? heaven.  Typically I always go for the duck, but I decided to branch out and I am so glad that I did.  

The next morning we slept in and skipped breakfast to save room in our stomach for lunch outside of Austin.  We have had a series of unfortunate incidences where we have missed dining at the Saltlick, a pretty famous BBQ place, so we made it a priority to hit it up since we were in the area.  I was not expecting the picnic table style eating, but it was so authentically Texas I liked it.  Despite the unappetizing quality of the picture, I promise you the food was delicious. 

It was a quick, much needed trip.  I don't know that we will go back to the Lakeway unless there is a really great deal, but I am anxious to try out more resorts in the area.  Expecially the ones in San Antonio, I hear it has some great ones!  

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agalandherdog said...

Jealous! That sunset looks amazing!

Angela Noelle said...

Those sunset photos are unreal. Your dinner sounds so delicious! And I love prickly pear margaritas, (yes, always without the salt!) but they're pretty much impossible to find outside of Texas/the Southwest. So sad!


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