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August 4, 2012

July Photo a Day


I randomly decided to partake in this month's July Photo a Day Challenge. What's funny is, you would think that the purpose of the Photo a Day challenge is to remember what you did each day, but none of the photos even remotely capture the big moments of the month:

Dan got into a car accident (he'll live)
Buying a second new car in four months (ugh!)
Roadtrip to San Antonio

So, I guess what I am trying to say is please don't think I sit around all day drinking coffee and reading books (although that would be delightful). For me, the challenge is less about capturing the most important moment of the day, but rather using the right portion of my brain that gets neglected in the doc review and the report writing of my mundane daily life. 

So, without further adieu...

 Late night self portrait

Busy at work!

My morning coffee is often the best part of my day

Fun lunch of cheese fries at Snuffers!

Poor little guy, always having to look up from his view on the floor 

Love enjoying a cocktail in this chair  

Rose from my garden 

Skipped lunch to make room for jambalaya for dinner

A big coffee was necessary to make it through the day 

My favorite color is red, and I often write with this pen just because it makes me happy

A letter from Austin (telling me to pay my bar dues, lame)

The texture of my wallet 

wide open spaces 

Buildings on my book

Finger is a dumb prompt, but a cupcake makes this photo better!

I saw the sign 

My favorite animal 

My eyes

9 o'clock involves me reading my book in bed!

Upside down view of all my new shoes

My vanity mirror

heart on my new Emily Giffin novel

No sunshine in Texas


Natalie said...

I am drooling over your Snuffers cheese fries and adorable flat show collection. I seriously dream about Snuffers cheese fries, they are so good!

Token Yankee said...

Love your photos. Since I am severely preggo, I am most attracted to the cheese fries (yum) and coffee (miss)!

Katie said...

Dying at your Ace of Base picture. I LIVED with that song on repeat for about 2 years when I was little.

Hope everything with the cars is working out alright. We seem to have to buy/ fix cars at the WORST times too - but things work out. Glad Dan is ok!


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