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May 6, 2012

Its Gonna Be MAY!

This morning, I walked out on my front porch and was greeted by a familiar enemy: humidity. Welcome, my arch nemesis, so we meet again. I was hoping it would not be so soon, but I was a fool to think otherwise.

In the month of April the weather slowly crept up to 90 degrees.  I started sweating through all my clothes.  My nights were spent tossing and turning. Looks like I will be spending yet another summer in the South.

This month is busy.  I start Junior League.  My family is flying in to visit us for the first time ever.   I will attend two Rangers baseball games.  Plus, we have a very adult purchase arriving next week, which will surely warrant its own post.

I am thoroughly enjoying having access to Instagram, although I have given up on the photo-a-day prompts:

That being said, I totally buckled down and completed my May goal which was to organize my recipes.  I made a list of all my favorite recipes, and then cut and pasted them into a word documents that even has a table of contents.  Our little cookbook is about 30 pages.  Love! 

In May, I want to create a working budget.  We are pretty good about having a monthly budget and putting money in savings, but we have some long term goals we want to start planning for and I want to work on getting plans in progress to make them a reality. 

Oh, and I also resolve to spend more evenings doing this:

Welcome May! 


One woman's love of food... said...
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One woman's love of food... said...

I'm joining the Junior League this month as ironic!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I love that you have your own recipe cookbook with a table of contents! That might warrant a how-to post.


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