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May 28, 2012

6 Good Years

A therapist could put in a new pool trying to help me get over my sentimental devotion to inanimate objects. Growing up it was stuffed animals. Each and every one was real and had a personality. The thought of throwing any of them away was just heart wrenching. So heart wrenching I never did it. I still tell myself they are all living at my parent's house...although I haven't seen them there since I was 21, so that's pretty unlikely. I am not going to ask them where they went though.

As an adult, I have transitioned my disorder to more age-appropriate objects. Namely, my car. I got my first car when I was twenty-two years old, heading to law school. I went to the dealership with my Dad, who is a salesman by trade, and totally dominated the dickering process. We were negotiating with the salesman for what seemed like hours, and at the end of the day they practically gave us the car because they were so sick of dealing with a sale on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am.

{Photo taken moments before I got in my car in Idaho and drove it New York) 

I loved that car. It was awesome for a girl just out of undergrad. It was red and had a spoiler. It only had a tape deck, but that's okay because I should listen to the radio more anyways.  Most importantly, this little red car got me from Idaho to New York City, back to Idaho, up to Spokane, and down to Dallas and never let me down. 

I had every intention of driving this car forever, but recently we were involved in a little car accident.  It was 100% not my fault, and quite frankly she handled the impact like a champ.  She kept me and Kadira safe, and suffered minimal body damage- but the airbags deployed, leaving her totaled.

Here's a fun fact (if the mango tree fun fact wasn't crazy enough for you).  Replacing airbags? Yea. Kind of expensive. Like thousand of dollars expensive.  Who knew.

But we kept driving her.  Why?  Because its totally legal to drive a car without airbags.  Yea. For real.  We checked.  We ducked taped those suckers back in and kept driving her because that's what two fully employed lawyers do.  Just livin' the dream.

But a week ago she gave her dying breath and it was time to part with her.  It wasn't fair, running her into the ground like that.  She was tired.  Her life was over.  It was time to say goodbye.

We could have sold her to a junk yard, and we thought about it, but at the end of the day she deserved so much more.

So we donated her to Texans Can: Cars for Kids.   You can learn more about the organization HERE.  They have been great to work with and all the proceeds go to at risk youth.

It was a sad day, saying goodbye to my little Pontiac.  We had been through so much and I had so many great memories wit that car.  The morning she got towed away I patted her hood and said goodbye to my transportation for the last six years.  

Now, introducing my new ride:

If buying an SUV doesn't make you feel like an adult I don't know what does.  Here's to six more, hopefully accident free, years.



Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Oh I hate saying goodbye to cars. I had one since I was 16 and she was a little red Saturn coupe and just adorable. I ended up passing it on to my brother and he got in a wreck that totalled her a few months ago. SO sad to see old cars go away! so many memories are wrapped up in them!

Legally Married said...

Yay for your new ride - it looks great! I am not a fan of getting new cars either, but mostly because I'm so cheap! :)

Natalie said...

I like it! I got a new SUV last year and am still in love with it.


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