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April 4, 2012

Welcome April!

So, do you remember that time I took part in the photo-a-day challenge? Remember when I made the decision to clog everybody's google readers with my uploaded photos on my blog since my phone  isn't compatible with instagram?  Do you also remember when THE DAY AFTER I FINISHED instagram became available for those of us with Android phones?

Sigh. So lame.

It was all probably for the best anyways.  March was a busy month and I didn't really have time for substantive blog posts anyways.

It started off with some great basketball, and while my boys only made it through to the second round I was really happy with how well they played and have super high hopes for next year!

The introduction to my twenty eighth year was equally great, especially because it started out with this (in bed, mind you):

and ended with this:

Additionally, Dan surprised me with getting all my degrees framed for my office! Finally I feel like I am a real lawyer (not to mention I can check that to-do off the 2012 to-do list):

THEN! I went to Denver for a mini reunion with some of my college besties!  It was so nice to see mountains again and it was also nice to catch-up with these girls. 

While the majority of the time was spent on the couch watching Downton Abbey and/or playing draw something and/or gossiping, we did manage to leave the house to check out the Coors Brewery tour up in Goldon, Colorado.  So fun.  The brewery served you beer samples throughout the tour and at the end you got THREE FREE GLASSES OF BEER.  Seriously?  Who says you can't get anything for free anymore...

I also completed my third month of weight watchers with a total of 20 pounds lost.  I'm at the weight I feel "myself" at, and I am getting a bit sick of tracking all the time so I might take a break.  But what a great program, I'm sure I'll revisit.

This month is going to be busy.  I am currently trying to get caught up at work so I can enjoy a fun vacation to the Big Apple in the coming weeks.  This month's goal is also to organize my recipes and complete a secret project I have been working on the sly (announcement coming soon).



Legally Married said...

Yay you with the Weight Watchers! Everyone is in weight loss mode. I've lost 12 pounds and am kind of in a rut, but you are inspiring me to get back to work! :)

missris said...

Happy belated birthday!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Nicely done on the weight loss! I love WW, it really is a great way to handle it!

Angela Noelle said...

That's an awesome WW achievement! I've heard really great things about that program. Sounds like March had lots of fun stuff going on. Now I'm craving cupcakes...


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