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April 11, 2012

March Movies

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Time for my monthly movie recap!

Morning Glory
Despite the fact that I have a girl crush on Rachel McAdams, I just could not get into the movie.   Although I will say, it was refreshing to see a romantic comedy where a girl was in love with her job as opposed to a boy. 

Everybody said this movie sucked, and guess what?  It sucked. I was beyond shocked that they were able to get this many A-list stars to sign onto this movie.  The ending was so lackluster and boring.  Outbreaks ugly stepsister.

Tower Heist 
Speaking of ugly stepsister movies, Tower Heist is the ugly stepsister of Ocean's 11.  Cute premise, decent cast, but overall just...dumb.

Crazy Stupid Love
*I watched this movie while flying back from Denver, so Dan didn't watch it with me.  I LOVED this movie, LOVED! Emma Stone is my new favorite actress, and Ryan Gosling and Steve Carrell were a perfect pair.  Great date night movie!

The Hunger Games
Who didn't see the Hunger Games this month?  I really enjoyed this movie, but if I was to be hypercritical, I think the cinematography was really bad considering the massive budget the film must have been on.  Also, I was not a fan of all the shaky screen shots.  I am happy that the director quit and will not be doing Catching Fire, but overall it was my favorite movie of the month.

Melissa's March Rankings
(1)Hunger Games
(2) Crazy, Stupid, Love*
(3) Morning Glory
(4) Tower Heist
(5) Contagion

Dan's March Rankings
(1) Hunger Games
(2) Tower Heist
(3) Morning Glory
(4) Contagion

Any suggestions for April movies?



Sara said...

The only one I've seen of these is the Hunger Games and I loved it! I have SO many movies to catch up on!!

missris said...

I loved Crazy Stupid Love. Steve Carrell is so great, and Ryan Gosling is so hot. I loved that line "You look like you're airbrushed or something!"

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I saw Morning Glory while laid up after foot surgery and was amused. But it was just an eh comedy.

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

I'm not usually one for rom-coms, but I LOVED Crazy Stupid Love! It was so cute and so well-done!

And I can't WAIT to see the Hunger Games!


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