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February 1, 2012

February Goals

The good news is that I went all last month without having anything sweet. Thus, the second year of the "No Sweets in January" challenge was a huge success.

The bad news was that I only made it five days in my resolution to not have any alcohol in January.

Wah wahhhhhhhh.

For February, I am committing to writing creatively for fifteen minutes everyday. This is actually going to be a really tough challenge for me because while I love to write, I write for work all day and lately I have been bad about making time to write just for myself.

Sometimes it will be a blog post, sometimes it will be more personal, but at the end of the month I will have devoted over seven hours to writing creatively so we will see what is created...



missris said...

Wow, good job on abstaining from sweets in January! I don't think I could do it!

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

Good for you!! I made it to 5:00 pm on January 31 before I caved and had a cupcake. But! I still haven't had ANY WINE! (Or other alcohol.)

The no-wine streak will end tonight at book club though.

I love your February goal. Mine is to avoid carbs, so probably I will last until tomorrow.

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

No alcohol for a whole month? You are a stronger woman than I for even trying that.


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