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January 15, 2012


Please excuse my absence, but you see I have been rather busy.

Well, "busy" is a relative term.  By "busy" I mean that I pretty much have been on my new iPad nonstop. 

I know I should be doing more productive things, but I just can't help it.  Dan got me one for Christmas and it hasn't left my hand since.  I am obsessed. 

"What do you do with it?"

This is a common question people ask me while I ignore them and stare at my iPad. 

Well first and foremost, I take a lot of pictures of myself looking like this.

Ha, ha, ha, oh wow.  This picture cracks me up every time. 

But I digress.  Things to do on the iPad...

Well, hands down my favorite has been the Kindle Ap.  I didn't know if I would like having an e-reader, but so far I just adore it.  Since the start of the year I have already read four books because reading on my iPad is so convenient! 

While on the topic of books, another ap you must get is Overdrive. This ap allows you to log into your library and download books to your Kindle for free.  Awesome, right?  Another fun thing I do with Overdrive is download audiobooks and play them from my iPad on my way to work.  The speakers on the iPad are so great I don't even bother hooking them up to the speakers in my car.

I also enjoy the Weight Watchers Ap, which only benefits those of you who are doing WW, but it is a great ap nonetheless and better then the one on my phone for a multitude of reasons- one of which is that it has great searching capabilities. 

Speaking of food, the iPad is extremely convenient in the kitchen.  I have been uploading the recipe and then just propping up my iPad while I cook.  The fabulous Mojito Maven turned me on to Skinnytaste to aid in my Weight Watchers goals.  So far, I have tried three recipes, all of which were delicious and very low in points.  I am going to do a full recap of what I have been eating eventually, but until then I highly recommend the Chicken Roopa Vieja.

Other aps I use are flipboard, facebook, tweetdeck, hulu plus, and ESPN. 

Last, but certainly not least, I have been enjoying finally having access to Instagram.  You have no idea how jealous I have been of all you who have iPhones.  Why oh why wont they develop a Instagram ap for the droid?

Here's some of the photos I have tweeted this week... 

I have wanted and needed a scarf rack this entire winter.  So now that its almost spring I decided to get one (and by "almost spring" I mean only in Texas, as it was almost 40 degrees today).  If you want one, you can get one at the Container Store.  They have nicer, wood ones, but they don't have as many holes. 

Tea in the evening, vanilla rooibus, of course.

My favorite part of Saturday mornings is drinking coffee out of my London mug!

Toby says good morning!

Kadira says goodnight!

My final thoughts on the iPad?  People say that its just an expensive toy, and I guess that is a far description.  Yet so much of our lives are connected to technology these days the iPad is a really convenient tool.  It has been life changing for me, just as much as the cell phone.  Or the computer.  Or internet.  Okay not the internet, but close. 

 Any other iPad or iPhone Aps that are must haves?



lifeofadoctorswife said...

I have an ipad... got it as a gift over a year ago. And I have used it maybe twice. I fail at technology. :-(

But it is seriously nice for quick work trips where I don't need my computer. (Which are admittedly rare. But they DO happen!)

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

You are jealous of my iPhone, I am jealous of your iPad! I think it would be so useful and fun to have one of those.


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