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June 29, 2011

Most Eligible Dallas

I'm here.

(Kind of.)

I know I haven't blogged in over two weeks, but you see, the only thing on my brain right now is the bar exam, and I figure you really don't want to read about the elements for adverse possession - so my blog might be a little bit quiet for the next month. 


Today I break my silence with a very exciting bit of news. 

Its not quite Real Housewives Dallas (RHD has such a nice ring to it) but I will take it!
(for those of you viewing this in reader go to the webpage to see video below)


June 12, 2011

Weekend Update

I just finished Tina Fey's new book Bossypants (book number 11!) and it was simply delightful.  It was exactly what I wanted it to be: funny!  It reads like one big stand up comedy routine. I rarely laugh out loud while reading, but I was busting a gut reading this book.  My favorite part is when Tina is talking about holidays with her in-laws:
My three sisters in law have always been welcoming and affectionate, and boy, can they clean a kitchen.  After a big family meal they rinse and scrape and dry and Saranwrap like nobody's business.  I pitch in half-assedly like the spoiled suburban younger child that I am "Where...should I put...this...chicken bone? Throw it out, or...?" 
Ha! Its nice to know there are other people out there who are totally worthless in group effort clean-up. 

So, in homage to Tina Fey, here's a little weekend update...

On Friday night we headed to the Texas Motor Speedway to watch the truck races for the Indy 500.  This is the second time we have been to car races, both courtesy of free tickets from good friends.  I am not a car race fanatic, and every time we go I find myself asking the same series of annoying questions:
"What number are we rooting for?
"Is that one girl racer driving?"
"Why don't they sell wine here?"
"Can I have more popcorn?"
"Where is the bathroom?"
"I want someone to wreck" followed shortly by,
"OHMYGOD!!!!! I hope they are okay!"


My parents moved out of my childhood home last week. This is absolutely devastating because it means that one of the two phone numbers I have memorized is no longer in service.

You read that right.  I know two phone numbers, my cell phone and my parent's home phone. I don't know my line at work, don't know my husband's number, barely remember 912 (or is it 911?).

I called my parent's line the other day - forgetting it no longer would work - and my heart just broke as the electronic voice told me the number was no longer in service. 


I can't stop listening to THIS song.


I dread taking Toby to the groomers. He gets so scared and I am so worried he's going to die of stress. Accordingly, I let him become a little mini chewbacca before I finally break down and take him in.  The second we walk through the doors he starts shaking uncontrollably.  I have to thrust him in the arms of the groomer and quickly walk out before anybody sees the tears welling up in my eyes.  Obviously I am not overly emotional at all

This time, when  I went back to pick him up they couldn't find Toby and instead gave me this ugly papillion instead.

I mean seriously, WHAT THE HELL DID THEY DO TO MY DOG????  Apparently when you say "short all over" you have to specify that you want the ears done too (insert massive eye roll).

I feel so bad for him.  Dan keeps calling him Dumbo and he wont come out from under the bed.


On a final note LETS GO MAVS! NBA basketball has been banned in our house, must to my ironic chagrin, ever since the Lakers lost to the Mavs. I don't even care for NBA basketball, but there is something about cheering on the home team that makes it fun.  I have implored Dan to watch the game tonight, and he has agreed as long as I promise not to yell "DIIIRRRRRKKKKK NAVVVVINNNSSSSKKKYYYY" every time he scores.

I know its Nowitzky. However, I went so long thinking its Navinsky I refuse to change.

Now I am off to work on more of these, barf:


June 5, 2011

My Drunk Kitchen

I have a rule, if something makes me laugh so hard I am crying, it is blog post worthy. Enjoy and you are welcome.

(found thanks to


June 2, 2011

Austin Yee-Haw Weekend

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we packed up the car and road tripped to the far off land of Austin, Texas in hopes of discovering what all the fuss what about. Ever since we moved to Texas people talk about Austin like it is the promised land - so expectations were very, very high.

And in fact, Austin is pretty cool.  It definitely had a beachy vibe and the atmosphere is definitely more laid back then in Dallas. I did, however, see more cut off jeans and porn star mustaches then I cared to encounter in my entire lifetime.

We started off the weekend by hitting up the famous Guero's Taco Bar, which I have to say, was a bit disappointing (I am now ducking as all you Austin fans throw eggs at your computer screen).  We had bad service and the food was just sub-par.  That's okay though because later that night we had the best meal ever...

Sixth Street definitely lived up to my expectations and we spent most of Saturday playing pool and bar hopping in the local area.  I was determined to get everybody to go into one of Bachelor Brad Womack's bars.  I was sorely disappointed when when we walked into the Chuggin' Monkey it was completely deserted with the exception of a girl with tattoos all over her body idly swaying to the music in the middle of the bar.  Needless to say, we did not stay there for very long.

After a couple hours on Sixth Street, we wandered up to the 24 Diner.  Above is a picture of waffles and chicken, ordered by Dan, which was delicious.  As a non-Southerner, I am not familiar with this pairing, but I was quite surprised at how good it was.  I got an egg salad sandwich, which I know sounds weird, but honestly it was amazing.  It was probably my favorite restaurant we ate at the entire time we were there.

The next day we jumped into our swimsuits and wandered down to Barton Springs to see what all the fuss was about...

{Not my photo, photo source HERE}

Barton Springs is right in the middle of Austin and is cool...but only in theory.  Its a natural water that is partitioned off for patrons to swim in.  See that crystal blue water?  Yea....not so much.  At least on the day we went.  The water was definitely more green then blue and there was a ton of algae and weeds floating all over it. It took a good twenty minutes for me to psych myself up to get in the pool, and once I did I swam across and got out.  That was enough for me.  It felt like swimming in dirty bathwater.  The group concurred, and we didn't end up staying very long.

That night we decided to forgo Sixth Street and instead head up to Oasis, a resort on Lake Travis that is supposed to have breathtaking views of the sunset.  The place was packed and the ambiance was buzzing.  There was an hour wait so we walked over to a nearby bar and got a glass of wine while we waited to get seated on Oasis's patio.  The view lived up to expectations:

Sadly, Oasis (the restaurant) did not.  I don't know if we just screamed "tourist" all weekend, but we got bad service everywhere - and Oasis was the worst offender.  So much so that our hostess seated us at a table that still had yet to get their check, and then proceeded to have us wait at the table until she could figure out what was going on.  The people currently sitting at the table attempting to enjoy the rest of their dinner were not thrilled, and we were highly embarrassed. The good thing was the Oasis restaurant itself was reasonably priced and it was well worth the trip, if nothing more then for the view.

My consensus about Austin?  I would definitely go back.  It was way different then I was expecting but I can see why people love it there so much.  It was definitely a nice break from Dallas, but our next vacation we are getting out of Texas.

Have you been to Austin? Did you like it? Did we miss any must-see sights?



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