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December 8, 2011

Christmas Ribbon Wreath

I have had Rachel's blog post of her ribbon wreath starred in my google reader for months waiting for Christmas to make one of my very own.  The original inspiration comes from Duchess of Fork, who provides detailed instructions.  If you want to make a wreath of your own I highly suggest you follow her directions.  If you want to go the painful route, follow mine.

(1) Buy 18 different types of 3-4 ft. ribbon and one styraphone wreath that is far too big.

(2) Return said wreath upon the realization it is too big.  Get a smaller, rounder, 14 inch wreath. 

(3) Wrap the wreath in ribbon.  Glue it down with hot glue.

(4) Cut all your ribbon into five inch strips.  This takes a million hours, approximately. 

(5) Glue the ribbon into little loops, but leave an end flap.

(6) Give yourselves three blisters.

(7) Get made fun of by your husband for screaming every five seconds because you burn yourself.

(8) Separate the little tab at the end of the ribbon and glue down your pieces of ribbon onto your wreath.

(9) Burn yourself three more times.

(10) Have your husband go to bed.

(11) Stay up until one in the morning working on this wreath.

(12) Pass out, this is the latest you have stayed up in a long time.

(13) Wake up in the morning and be proud of your accomplishment.  Vow that for all the hours it took, it will be hung every year for the rest of your life.



Natalie said...

Love it! It looks great!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

That looks awesome! Totally worth the burns, I think.

Katie said...

This turned out so cute!!!

I'd totally be cussing at burning my self too - but it looks worth it!

Rachel said...

I know I'm way behind, BUT...your wreath turned out awesome! I love the final product! Makes me want to burn myself all over again so I can have one for Christmas :)


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