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November 12, 2011

Christmas Cards from Shutterfly {Sponsored Post}

I have been sending out Christmas cards long before it was age appropriate.  Who sends out cards at the age of eighteen?  Me! That's who! I adore Christmas/Holiday cards. I think they are a great tradition and a fabulous way to stay in touch with those you love. However, the one thing I don't particuarly love is the stress of picking out your Christmas card.  This year I am getting my Christmas cards from Shutterfly because they make it easy.  They have a great selection and tons of high quality cards to chose from. 

Here are some of the options I am considering (minus the photos of the families that are not mine, obvi.)  

{To browse Shutterfly's full Holiday Card Collection go HERE}

Shutterfly also has calenders, photo books, and personalized gifts! So check it out! Also make sure to send me one so I can proudly display it on my fridge for the next ten months...

Full disclosure: I received 25 free Shutterfly cards as a result of this post- and I couldn't be more excited!



Kate said...

I love Christmas cards too! I think the last one is my favorite.

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I love that first layout. We have so many rules about what can and cannot go on Christmas cards (has to have Christmas on it, for one!) and then hubs has to approve. I'm just glad I got them done and ordered from Costco a week ago. Now I just to have address them!


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