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October 18, 2011

The Quilting Quest: Part 2

Remember when I started making that quilt? Back in JANUARY? Well, nobody can say that I do not follow through because roughly nine months later I finished it.

When I last left you, I was in the process of sewing together the squares.

First, I pinned them

Then, I sewed inside the smaller square leaving about 1/4 inch on the edge.

It is called a "ragged squares" quilt- so the ends are a little loose and will probably unravel a little bit.  Ideally you want it to look like this.

Once I got all of the squares done I sewed together the rows. 

Once I got all the rows done I sewed all of them together to make my quilt top.

I placed the batting over the quilt top and cut it out about an inch larger then the actual top.

I then cut out the quilt back out of a plain fabric.

I placed all the layers on top of each other...

...and then pinned them at the corners.

Now, traditionally at this point you would actually quilt the blanket by doing more stitches in between the squares.  However, much to my dismay, my sewing machine was not strong enough to make it though all three layers.  Instead, I used a great technique my friend Jeanine told me about and tied yarn at all the corners where I had placed the bobby pins.

To be honest, when it came time to do the edge I was both burnt out and and a little over my head.  I took the quilt with me when I flew home to visit my family and my mom helped me finish it.  It looked great! Thanks mom!

The final product looked something like this

It isn't very big- but it was perfect for its intended use - for my dear friend's new baby boy!  Of course, when I started the quilt he was not even born yet and by the time he got it he was practically in college.  My friend sent me this sweet picture, isn't he the cutest?

If you want to make your own ragged squares quilt go to this tutorial at Crazy Mom Quilts.

My thoughts on quilting?  It was a challenge.  Parts of it I enjoyed, mostly the cutting.  Parts of it I didn't enjoy, aka the sewing.  Its a pretty tedious and time consuming process.  Additionally, its pretty frustrating when you don't have all the tools you need to do a good job.  I would totally make another one, but probably not anytime soon.  I think I will stick to my first love, crocheting.  Speaking of I have been creating some great scarves for fall! But that is a blog post to come...



Katie said...

It looks awesome!!! I am super impressed that you *made* a quilt! Especially one that looks so great!

Ashley said...

I love that! I'm inspired now... The fabrics look great together, and you did a great job!

Mike and Meg said...

Melissa! I am behind on my blog reading and just saw this post. We are so very honored that Andrew was the recipient of your first quilt! You are amazing! Thank you for your labor of love--I am going to print out this post for his baby book so when he's older he can read about your hard work. :)


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