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April 10, 2011

Life Uploaded: The Spring Edition, April 3 - April 10

{Sunday, April 3} It was just one of those nights...

{Monday, April 4} Its springtime! And you know what that means! Time for the first Rangers baseball game of the season.

{Monday, April 4 continued...} Our seats were only $4 and we had a great view!  

{Monday, April 4 continued...} It was fun times with good friends! 

{Tuesday, April 5} And so the studying begins (dread, dread, dread...)

{Wednesday, April 6} One day, and I have absolutely no idea why, I started watching Army Wives and now I am hooked.  Especially after the season finale of season one.  Ei, yi, yi, I can't believe I didn't start watching this show sooner!

{Thursday, April 7} The first real rose to bloom! Spring is here ya'll. 

{Friday, April 8} Inspired by baseball season, we cooked up some hotdogs for dinner

{Saturday, April 9}  Downtown Dallas, on the way to the gym to play some raquetball where Dan decided to aim for my collarbone and leave one hell of a bruise.

{Saturday, April 9 continued}  Our backyard, where we have been spending a lot of time on the back patio enjoying this fabulous weather.

{Saturday, April 10 continued} Finally got my car washed after a long winter. See? We are all getting ready for Spring.



Megan said...

Your rose is gorgeous! I'm hooked on Army Wives too, careful that show will have you boo hooing :)

missris said...

There's nothing quite like spring in Texas. And the roses are gorgeous!

Sara said...

Looks like such a great week! Yay to baseball season beign back! That's a sure sign of summer. Love that rose picture too!

Rachel said...

Your backyard looks like a good place to hang out. Wish I could pop over for a glass of wine! Good luck studying!

legallymarried said...

Hurray Rangers! We were just talking tonight about how much we want to come up for a game this year.

newteacherwife said...

4 dollar steas?!? AMAZING.


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