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April 17, 2011

Life Uploaded: The Kenny Chesney Edition, April 11-17

{Monday, 4/11} The week did not start off well at all.  Its never good when you get home on Monday and feel like you need the weekend already.  Alas, a glass of wine was necessary to psych myself up for the rest of the week.

{Tuesday, 4/12} Tuesday was all work and lots of quality time with my keyboard.

{Wednesday, 4/13} Dan left to go to Boise on Wednesday, and whenever he is gone I make it a point to eat things that he he would typically not like.  That night it was sushi from Whole Foods (he doesn't like sushi from grocery stores) and a some burgundy wine I snagged on sale.  

{Thursday, 4/14}  Ugh. I realized that Oprah has only one month of her show left and I began to panic just a bit.  I mean really, when Oprah's show is over who is going to tell me what movies to watch, what books to read, how to escape serial killers, and how to get fitted for a bra correctly?  I am devastated just thinking about it.

{Friday, 4/15}  Because who doesn't love spending their Friday night waiting in the airport cell phone lot?

{Saturday 4/16} BEST DAY EVER!  The long awaited Kenny Chesney concert at Cowboys Stadium.  Want to know what makes this show even better? Zac Brown Band performed too.  
Also Billy Currington and Uncle Kracker but who really cares about them?  Although Dan and I did decide that Billy Currington is Dierks Bentley's secret twin.

I haven't been to Cowboys Stadium before and it was ginormous.

We actually had pretty good seats, better then these cell phone pictures indicate.  We were 11th row from the floor right to the side of the stage.

Zac Brown Band killed it, it was seriously amazing.

And of course, Kenny did not disappoint.  It also helps that the thousands of people in the arena knew every single word to his music. 

The best part was when Zac Brown Band came out again at the end and they performed five more songs together! Seriously, if you are a country music fan and this show comes to your city make sure you go.  It was fabulous.  

{Sunday 4/17} I have some seriously bar studying to do, but I cannot pull myself away from Room by Emma Donoghue, my book club's current pick.  Such an amazing, haunting piece of work.  Have any of you read it? 


Michelle said...

Your hair looks so adorable!! I've been wanting to read'll have to let us know how it is when you're done!

Rachel said...

Haven't heard of Room...I need to check it out.

Also, I'd love to go that concert. I'm so impressed with ZBB's talent!!

Natalie said...

I'm so jealous that you got to go that concert. I heard it was amazing!
This post also made me miss wine lol!

newteacherwife said...

Well the book looks awesome and will probably be next on my list.

Also, that concert sounds awesome and I'm so glad you guys could unwind after a long and stressful week.

(And I love the collection of wine corks. We might need to start one since we sure are drinking a lot of it. A wine fridge will do that...)

Linda said...

I've heard really good things about Room but I haven't read it yet. I heard it was intense so I need to block off time to read it.

Megan said...

wow, cowboy stadium is freaking huge! Looks like the concert was a blast!

melissa said...

The picture of sushi and wine had me drooling on my keyboard! And your love for Oprah cracks me up! I bet she'll be on her network fairly often so hopefully you can still get your fix. :) Also, your hair looks AMAZING. I would kill for those gorgeous healthy curls.

agalandherdog said...

I'll have to check that book out. Have a great week!

missris said...

Your hair looks so cute in that pic!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Oh my gosh. What a concert! I know some of my other friends from DFW were at the concert and it sounds like an awesome time. FUN!

Stephanie Faris said...

You guys are SO cute. And I'm impressed by the way you eat when he's away. Dinner for me when hubby isn't home is cereal and Weight Watchers ice cream!

Legally Married said...

Cowboys Stadium IS huge! I bet it's crazy for a concert.

I have those same wine glasses from your first picture! :)


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