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March 1, 2011

C'est la vie

I realized today that it has been quite awhile since I have posted something, well, real. Instead I have littered this blog with recipes, book reviews, and decor inspiration. Which is all grand in doses, but that is never what I wanted this blog to be about entirely.  So, what's new?

Well, as promised, I cut my bangs like Ginnifer Goodwin in Something Borrowed: 

I love them, but my they are already getting a bit too long and I fear I might have to trim them myself because I am more of a "haircut ever four months" girl then every six weeks. Let's all pray that we don't have a repeat of the incident from junior high where my bangs ended up less then one inch long and I cried and refused to go school for three days.

After 27 years of threatening to do it, my parents are finally moving from my small hometown in Idaho to the thriving "big city" of Boise.  For those of you who have followed this blog for awhile, you know how much I want to move "back" to Boise, so having my parents finally moving there only makes me more homesick.  While Dallas is certainly growing on me, it just doesn't feel like home, and I often feel really lonely and very frustrated that I am here and not where I want to be.  It is a hard decision though, because Dallas just has so many more opportunities then Boise does.  I keep hinting to Dan that we should start seriously talking about moving back, but I fear it wont be for a couple more years.  Le sigh. 

Speaking of Dallas, I have exactly 31 days to decide whether to register for the Texas Bar exam.  My current job was only a term position, and it ends in August.  I have begun the process of sending out resumes and applying, but I was really holding out hope for a federal job (i.e. I wouldn't have to take the Texas bar exam).  But with budget cuts and the fact that USA Jobs currently has ZERO postings for attorneys in Dallas, I think I might have to really consider taking the bar here to make myself more marketable.  I really don't want to do.  I already work a lot, and the thought of cramming bar studying on top of that makes me feel a little overwhelmed, but I don't want to leave any stone unturned in the job search.  So unless I get a fabulous job offer in 30 sounds like another bar exam is going to be in my future.  Ugh.

This little guy decided to scare the crap out of us this weekend and get beyond sick, and then manage to hurt his knee so bad that we had to take him to the vet.  To add insult to injury, this is the THIRD visit to the vet we have had in, like, six weeks.  So I was beginning to get concerned that they were going to report us to some kind of doggie protective services.  They didn't, thank goodness, and I am happy to report that Toby seems to be doing better and we are optimistic that surgery isn't in this little guy's near future.  That being said, I didn't sleep a wink this weekend because he kept getting sick and I just felt so terrible for him.  I am more resolute then ever that I am not ready for kids.

Speaking of not having kids, I have officially decided that I want an IUD.  I called a doctor about three months ago to arrange a consult of sorts and then managed to FORGET ABOUT THE APPOINTMENT.  Actually, I just mixed up the days, but when I called them today to explain the mishap they couldn't get me another appointment until MAY and I am SO MAD AT MYSELF.  Mostly because I NEVER forget things like this.  I am always so organized.  I think (I know) its because recently I have just felt extremely overwhelmed and burnt out.  My tank is empty and I need a vacation - and I'm not talking "staycation" - I am talking "plant my butt on the beach and drink fruity drinks with umbrellas in them" vacation.  Somewhere far, far away from Texas. 

Until then, here's some music that is helping me get through my days:

Zach Brown Band "Colder Weather"
Kenny Chesney "Somewhere With You"
Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson "Don't You Wanna Stay"



newteacherwife said...

Glad you are still alive and not just cooking yourself crazy. haha. SO happy that Toby is doing better. I know when we get a dog I'm going to be crazy when they are sick. I was crazy when Mr. A was sick and he's a grown man. And yes, this means no kids for a longlonglong time. haha.

I'm with you on the job search. No es bueno. But, and I don't want to say too much since I won't ever have to take it, but taking the bar might be the best option just so you have the opportunities, and even more so since it looks like you won't be moving soon. I know it's hard and you will have to decide because I'm sure studying for something like that is crazy hard and time consuming.

Hope work or something can calm down and you guys can relax and finally take that vacation. you deserve it!!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I feel like I forget anything unless I write it down. So annoying!

agalandherdog said...

Take some pics of your bangs! I cut some too back in October and I can't decide if I love or hate them. I'll prob have to grow them out pronto bc my hair is a frizzy nightmare in the humid Memphis summer and I'm sure I'll have to pin them back constantly.

I'm with you on the vacation thing. I took a day off yesterday which made me realize that I need WAY more than a one day break. Hope you have a great week!

meghan said...

I'm sorry that your week was a bit rough. I hope that it goes up from here. I understand what you mean about having an empty tank and just not remembering something. I have that happen to me every once in a while, too.

Jamie said...

Awww Toby!! I miss my yorkies and hope your little guy is feeling better :)

Good luck with your bar exam dilemma... I just left DOJ to come to law school (as an admin) and the jobs really have been drying up, even out here!

Also, I'm growing out my bangs for my marathon (I want them in my pony tail if I'm going 26.2mi). It's annoying. They're everywhere. It's like having an annoying little hat or something. But I like them when they're short!!

d.a.r. said...

Gah, another bar exam? Awful. I love my bangs!! I really thought I would hate them, but I really adore them. I just trim 'em myself. Too annoying to make time for an appointment every few weeks {dang vitamins make my hair grow lightening fast}.

Rachel said...

Thanks for your comment Melissa. I have to get back into blogging world myself-I have not felt like I have had much to say lately. You need to post a pic of your new hair do!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Oh man, studying for the bar sound like no fun! Glad you fur baby is doing better, you better not forget your next appt. a baby could seriously throw a wrench in your plan! ha!

lifeofadoctorswife said...

I would love to see your new hair!

And wow, I am keeping my fingers crossed that a good job shows up soon! Although "being more marketable" definitely sounds good.

Hope you had a nice weekend!


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