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October 11, 2010

Deep In the Heart of Texas...

Today, Dan and I went to the Texas State Fair. As in, I dragged Dan to the Texas State Fair. As in, Dan took a 2 hour shower in hopes that I would give up waiting on the couch for him to get out so that we could go to the Texas State Fair.

Anyways, we went to the Texas State Fair. 

(Is it just me? Or does Big Tex have boobs?) 

The fair brought back a lot of great memories from last year at the fair where I waited 11 hours hours to see Oprah (read about it HERE).  Come to think of it, that experience is probably a big reason why Dan was so reluctant to head back this year, as I think that he was mentally scarred from getting so much face time on the Oprah Show last year.

This year was different though because last year we were so tired after Oprah we didn't do anything. This year we got the true fair experience. What does that mean? Well let me tell you. 

It means lines.  Lines to get into the parking lot. Lines to get on the shuttle bus to get taken to the fair.  Lines to get tickets into the fair.  Lines to get food tickets. Lines to get the food. LINES LINES LINES LINES!!!!

Speaking of food, the fried frito pie won this year for best fried food and it was beyond disappointing.  BEYOND.  In fairness, if I known that frito pie included chili I would have been skeptical from the beginning.  Want to know what was delicious?  Fried cheesecake (shown above).  Sadly, the line for fried beer was way too long.  We'll have to try that one next year (assuming I can get Dan to go back after experience Oprah AND all those lines.) 

My favorite part of the fair is all the animals.  Which is why I got so excited to go into the (cough, kid's) petting zoo. Plus, I heard it had a giraffe and I LOVE GIRAFFES! The place was packed and I was forced to knock over about ten five-year-olds to be in prime giraffe feeding position.  Initially, I was a bit distraught because the giraffe was ignoring everybody and eating his fence on the other side of his pen.  So I decided to start speaking telepathically to the giraffe (stop judging) and the next thing I knew the GIRAFFE WALKED RIGHT OVER TO ME AND STARTED EATING OUT OF MY CUP!


I was beyond thrilled.  All the five-year-olds were enraged with jealously.  They huddled around me to try and get the giraffe's attention but the giraffe only wanted to eat from me!  Then it happened.

The giraffe started eating my purse!  My very expensive purse that I had fears about bringing to the fair anyways.  All the kids started yelling "its eating your purse!" and laughing and being evil.  I kept trying to move the giraffe's head but that motherf@#$@ was strong and just kept eating.  I finally broke free from the mob screaming "its somebody else's turn! Somebody elses turn!"

I felt like it was a good lesson in sharing. For the kids, of course.  For me it was a lesson in why I don't bring designer purses to the fair (my purse survived unscathed. BARELY. Although, It now smells a bit like giraffe saliva).



Legally Married said...

Ha! Love your fair adventures! When I went this weekend, it was really for the football game and I didn't do any exploring. I definitely didn't have any up-close-and-personal giraffe encounters! :)

newteacherwife said...

1. You and Legally Married are making it impossible for me to not come down to the fair next year. I mean, a place where you can feed a giraffe? SOLD. And fried beer? I'm in. I don't think there's anything about the fair I don't want to partake in.
2. HAHAHA. Sorry the giraffe was eating your purse. I think it's funny all the kids were jealous of you.

Natalie said...

We went to the fair this past weekend too! I also tried the delish fried cheesecake, yum!

Rachel said...

I so want a slice of fried cheecake! Believe it or not I have never been to a state fair, I am secretly dying to go!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

OMG your hilarious, knocking over kids to feed a giraffe! I have lived here for EVER and I've NEVER been to the dang fair! Why?? I want to go, but everyone keeps telling me it's over rated and expensive. I'd rather spend my money at Canton :) I'm going to keep my out for fried cheesecake, sounds yummy!!

Jamie said...

That's it. I'm moving there. I want Texas bad.

missris said...

You are so adorable in that picture! I love the state fair. I remember going there as a kid, and then later in college for the Cotton Bowl.

Emily (The Culinary Couple) said...

I heard about that fried beer on NPR! Only in Texas :)

Hannah and Chad said...

You crack me up! Glad you made it out of there alive and in one piece. And as much as fried food hates my stomach, fried cheese cake sounds AMAZING!!!

Sara said...

So fun! I love fairs too! And I just read your Oprah post from last year and was cracking up! Love it! That's a good husband you've got there!

d.a.r. said...

Mmmm fried cheesecake sounds like heaven.

So glad that your purse made it out mostly unscathed. Tricky lil' giraffe!

melissa said...

I'm dying laughing thinking about the giraffe eating your purse. So glad it wasn't damaged!

I have to google fried beer - how is such a thing accomplished?!?!

agalandherdog said...

Haha! Thanks for the laugh. Have a great weekend!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I love the Texas State Fair, although I haven't been in years. Haven't tried all those yummy fried things, either. Sounds like a successful trip, even if the giraffe took a liking to your purse.


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