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March 12, 2010

Final Cake and Weekend Links

I have to share with you all the finished cake product.  Dan came home yesterday after consulting with a master baker (his Mom) and decided that the best route to frost the cake was to dump frosting over it instead of trying to spread the pre-made stuff he had initially bought.  So he stirred and stirred and created this fabulous frosting concoction that he proceeded to dumb in its entirety all over the cake.  The frosting cascaded down the cake and onto the plate....filled the plate...and dribbled all over the counter. It was adorable and pretty much delicious because I could eat frosting on its own and be perfectly content....and there was lots and lots of frosting.

Birthday cakes don't have any calories, right?

Now on to your Weekend Links!

-Thanks so much for everybody's feedback on my game night post, Catch Phrase and Apples to Apples were the runaway winners but ya'll had some great ideas for other games in case they already had those two.  Thank you!

-My newly engaged friends Maureen (who also writes with me on Seven Dames) and Tony are going on a walk...a long walk...and its the coolest thing I have ever seen.  Check out their project HERE

-Melissa Jill always does amazing wedding photography, but what I really loved about THIS wedding was how they set up their ceremony.  Scroll down to check it out! 

-Does Jasmine Star come off super cool in THIS video? THAT IS BECAUSE SHE IS.

-I am a huge Sara Bareilles groupie and I didn't even know this song existed! I have been listening to it nonstop and you can too HERE.

-Um. THIS video is amazing. Thank you Elefantitas Alegrags. It would have been been my video of the week if everybody didn't already read her blog and see it already.

-I am in love with this house for many reasons, mainly idea #4. (Young House Love).

-When I get brave enough to try and cook a fish recipe I think I will try this salmon recipe first. (Bon Bon Rose Girls).

-Speaking of yummy dishes...hello chicken picatta! (Pioneer Women).

And this weeks video comes from my brother Ryan...and it is amazing.  I now present to you the Handsome Man's Club....



Liane said...

I loved the Handsome Man's club. So funny!

Marisa said...

awww, lovely cake! happiest of birthdays!

Kristin said...

OMG, thanks for the link love lady! I hope your bday rocked the house!


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