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February 2, 2010

Texas Half 5K

So remember back in October when I wrote my grandiose post on how I was going to run The Texas Half at the end of October? Yea. Didn't happen.

I did the training for a good 2-3 weeks, but once the holidays hit and I started working a lot and I just...stopped. Which I am really disappointed in myself for, because normally when I say I am going to do something I do it.

That being said I think the God's intervened on this one, because had I ran the Texas Half I would have been miserable. Not wanting to be a total failure I signed up for the Texas Half 5K and trained during the month of January. The race was this past Saturday...and those of you who currently live in Texas know that Saturday was a particularly miserable day. With the wind the temperatures were below freezing and the race was taking place on a LAKE so it was even colder with the wind skimming the top of the water and then slamming us in the face.

I thought my ipod had a camera on it...which it doesn' I took this short little video instead. See the girl running in her COAT?

Neither Dan nor I were willing to say that we didn't want to run it, but we later admitted to each other that we were hoping the other person would back out.  The turnout was about 400 people, which apparently is rather low for this race, but overall I am really glad we did it!  Despite how cold it was, you warmed up rather quickly during the run.  It was a pretty flat course with a hill at the end which is kind of mean, but overall a very fun, easy race. Although I am glad I wasn't running 13 miles in that weather.

Next month is the Cowtown in Ft. Worth.  We aren't sure whether we are doing the 5K or the 10K yet though.  Anybody else running in it? Any other good races we should consider this year?




Rachel said...

Good for you! I want to sign up for a 5k, but I haven't run one since high school and am scared!

MondayMorningMochas said...

Hey! You commented on my blog awhile back about The Bachelor and I was wondering what you thought about the past couple episodes! Crazy. Next week's episode will be so fun with the hometown dates!

I just started running and am running in a 10k in 2 weeks! Any tips? Congrats on running and completing the Texas Half 5K!

missris said...

The Capital 10K in Austin is a really fun race. I used to run it every year in high school and college and I really miss it!

Marisa said...

Oh man! I hate hate hate running in the cold, I also hate running on treadmills- luckily our gym just built a new indoor track! Good luck on your races!

MMW said...

congrats on your running stats. I'm starting up with my training program again in March - we train for the Portland Marathon - with several halfs thrown in along the way. I was so happy to rediscover my LOVE of running last year.

But on a windy, cold day like the one you mentioned here---- I'm not THAT brave.!!


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