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February 12, 2010

Record Snowfall

Yesterday, Dville got slammed with some major snow.  Okay so not even remotely major snow compared to what is going on on the East Coast, but it was the most snow that Dallas has seen in a single day ever.  What is with us and having to live through record snowstorms wherever we live (Remember THIS and THIS?) Plus it was only the second snow that Dallas has received this season and thus it was eventful. 

Poor little Kadira is having a rough week.  On top of starting her heat cycle she developed some serious gunk in her eye which required a rather traumatic visit to the vet yesterday. She did, however, enjoy the snow, as it is the only second time she has seen it. 

I am a little concerned about the tree in our front yard (See a bit of the branch above). It seems to be breaking under the weight of all the snow and is  now ominously leaning all over our driveway.  If it did would probably miss the house, but its not a theory I would like to have tested anytime soon.

I hope everybody is staying warm and safe!



missris said...

I heard that Dallas got record snowfall and my parents (in Austin) were all flustered about the sleet they got. Crazy weather! Although in Chicago, a foot of snow is child's play. I didn't even get off work!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

The snow was sure exciting here! At least the roads were not icy I hate to be trapped inside.


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