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February 25, 2010

Lets Go Lakers, er, Mavs, uh, Lakers


Last night Dan and I attended the Lakers v. Mavericks game here in Dallas. We have been wanting to attend a game for a long time since we are huge basketball fans and will use any excuse to attend a college or professional game.  The seats were a little high up, but hey, we bought them off Ebay the night before. Beggars can't be choosers.

Dan is a Lakers fan, despite my attempts to convince him otherwise, so when we got these tickets he was happier then I have seen him in weeks....or at least since the last time we were in the same place as Kobe Bryant.


But for me? A surprise gift that I couldn't even have even dreamed of! Jay Z and Beyonce were in attendance! I then spent the entire first half of the game trying to get a decent picture and attempting to figure out what type of shoes Beyonce was wearing.  

In the end the Lakers lost and I didn't get to meet Beyonce, but it was still a great time!



Rachel said...

This is so funny! As soon as I started reading your post I was thinking, Melissa was at the same game as Jay Z and Beyonce as I had seen their pic in people earlier. How cool!

tam pham said...

how cool that they were there?!? everytime hubby and i go to a mavs game, the first thing i do is play the "where is mark cuban?" game LOL.

Vic said...

Beyonce and Jay-Z, what are they doing in Dallas! Cool to see them though!

Marisa said...

um i love beyonce, so jeally that you got a picture of them!

Emily said...

Funny little tidbit about this game...Scott had a chance to get a ticket for $100. He elected not to since he knew I'd be peeved. Found out after the fact that the ticket was two rows back from Jay-Z and Beyonce... I was so mad he didn't go! On the other hand he wouldn't be able to recognize them to know that he needed to snap a pic!

Glad you had fun!


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