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January 12, 2010

Holy Jeans and More Potatoes Please!

I am about to embark on an adventure of epic proportions. Where my strength and self esteem will be tested. An adventure where I will be tempted to settle for less then the best, and endure, er, pay more then what I bargained for.

Yes ladies and gentlemen...I am going jean shopping.

A few years ago I hit the proverbial jean jackpot. I was in the right store at the right time when they had a massive Sevens sale and I bought three pair. That mixed with the four pairs of jeans I already owned had me set for awhile. Since I hate jean shopping, I have not bought another pair of jeans since.

Sadly about a week ago I was putting on my favorite pair and I noticed a unfixable hole.  (I mean I guess for me an unfixable hole means I don't live with my mother anymore thus nobody can fix it, but whatever.)  We all know that feeling, right ladies? When your favorite pair of jeans dies and untimely death?  It was devastating. I cried for days.  Okay I'm totally kidding I did not really cry, but the creation of the hole did have me step back and take a look at my current jean inventory. With the death of my favorite I now own only three pairs, having given some away to charity after determining they made my feel fat.  The left over three are pretty shoddy, lacking shape, color, and most importantly suffering from saggy butt syndrome and frayed bottoms.

So off I went during my lunch yesterday to do some jean shopping. My goal? To find a structured pair of jeans in a dark color that fits me like a glove and does not cost an arm and a leg.  About 8 months ago I found a pair I loved at Express, but made the epic mistake of not buying them. Upon returning to the store yesterday I could not find the same style.

Thus, I am at an impasse.  So I thought I would ask all of you before I embark on what is likely going to make me depressed for a good solid week- what is your FAVORITE pair of jeans? Is there a brand you just LOVE? A wash you can't live without? A style that is perfection? A store that carries the best?

I am really dreading this whole experience so I figured if I could just focus on the right stores I might have better luck.

In other news, upon buying the necessary materials for the potato skins last week I managed to buy way too many potatoes. Not really knowing what I was going to do with them I left them in the upper part of our cabinets where they were sure to die a slow, rotting death. Yet true to form Dan came to the rescue and made the most amazing twice baked potatoes via the Pioneer Women last night.

Dan is a little uneasy with cooking her recipes because, as he says, "they are for the pioneer WOMEN not the pioneer MAN." Thus he likes to cook them "the manly way" which really just means he uses his bare hands to hold the hot potatoes while slicing, causing little manly blisters to form on his fingertips shortly thereafter.

Now I must say, with this recipe in particular, we are lucky we did not die on the spot of clogged arteries to the heart as these bad boys are SO not good for you. But oh they are kind of like eating a little slice of heaven! I am sure the added inch they brought to my waistline is going to be super great while jean shopping.



LNRB said...

Before Christmas my husband shrank my only (and favorite) pair of jeans. I DID cry for a whole night, locked myself in our bedroom and made him stand outside apologizing. Hystrionics aside, jeans are serious business.

The jeans that are dearly departed were Luck Brand purchased from TJ MAXX! Only $35! I went jeans shopping myself this weekend and they have Seven, paper denim and cloth and Lucky Brand there. I had no luck. NONE.
Anthropologie also carries joes jeans which I love but will run you about $160. GOOD LUCK!

mmclaughlin said...

Those twice-baked potatoes look amazing. I think my mouth literally watered just looking at them!
I'm actually not a fan of 7 jeans, they fit me weird.
I switch up my favorites every few years - right now I am in love with Joe's Jeans. They're expensive, but there's a boutique a friend of mine owns that has 40% off sales every now and then and I wait for that, and I always go for dark washes.
I did find a really cute pair of trouser jeans a couple of years ago at JCrew that I LOVE too.
I can never wear jeans from Gap, Express, or similiar stores because my legs are too long for the regular length and too short for the long length.

missris said...

I wear sevens or citizens for humanity. My trick is to buy them at a place like Nordstrom Rack so that I don't totally break the bank. If I find a pair I like, I buy 2 or 3 and rotate them out so that they wear evenly. Other than that, I'm out of suggestions. Good luck!

tinkler said...

uuggghhh. i still dont know the trick for buying jeans. i usually just run into gap. grab something. and make due.


Mrs. D said...

I hate buying jeans. Yet I love them. (Evidenced by my roughly 35 pairs.) When I was young and thin I lived for Lucky Jeans. These days, I have had good luck with jeans from Banana Republic and The Limited.

Hannah said...

i love joe's jeans!! and you can find them at nordstrom's rack for a bargain-- miss you lady!

Maureen said...

Ohhhh I have so many things to say about this! This is serious business. Okay, here's my very brief version.
I hate sevens. I own several pairs of them and don't like any of them. I think that all the styles I've ever owned are too skinny legged and I don't think they last as long as they should. Mine all have gotten holes sooner than any other brands.
Okay, I like Joe's jeans. The ones I own are really good quality. Nordstrom Rack on those for sure.
I owned a pair of Juicy Jeans once that were, for real, the best jeans I've ever owned. I found them randomly at a boutique incorrectly labeled for 35 bucks even though they were supposed to be like 150. But since I haven't found that good of a deal since, those are the only ones I've owned in that brand. And of course now they have holes.
So, my favorite brand is Citizens. I especially love a cut called Kate I think it's #66 but I'm not positive on the number. My one pair of them is literally falling apart, huge rips in the knees, but I just keep them around for lazy weekends. I've tried to buy them again and can't find them. I even bought a pair off ebay but then they came and they had been hemmed like 6 inches! It was a serious tragedy.
So yeah, I need to go jeans shopping too. Big time.
I spend a lot of time in stores like Buffalo Exchange, and they usually have good ones there!
Good luck!!

Marisa said...

I love Joes Jeans...which are super expensive, but actually fit me! Sevens are no dice- can't pull those bad boys up past my thighs... I hate hate hate hate jean shopping and have found my favorite jeans either on sale at anthropology or urban....Also unfixable holes = sadest situation ever...I hate those types of holes

Rachel said...

Holding hot potatoes with his BARE hands? Men are crazy. Also, I need to try these!


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