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September 30, 2009

Wisteria Lane

I am starting to think that I may live on a real-life Wisteria Lane.

Minus the gargantuan houses.

And the really hot men and women running around.

And the all-white neighborhood minus the Solis family. Our neighborhood is super diverse.

And the perfectly manicured lawns. Lots of people don't mow their lawn much around here (coughmaybeincludingusbutinfairnessitsmoredirtthenyard).

Okay so fine. Its not really like Wisteria Lane at all except for the murder house on the corner...which totally reminds me of that one house on Wisteria Lane where someone dies almost every season. People keep going and looking at the murder house and I have to resist the urge to scream "THERE WAS A DOUBLE HOMICIDE IN THERE!! MAKE SURE YOU REALTOR TELLS YOU THAT!"

Actually in truth Dan and I have contemplated buying the murder house and turning it into a haunted house in time for Halloween...but we think zoning ordinances might not allow it. Bummer.

But the other reason that I think our neighborhood resembles Wisteria Lane is that the our nice neighbors disappeared for like 7 weeks. Not kidding. I know for a fact because there were 7 of those cheap newspapers the city gives out every Sunday in their driveway. AND I couldn't hear their baby crying all day. AND their car wasn't in the front yard.

I started to suspect that they were murdered too!!!!!

It only made sense. She didn't tell me she was leaving. Okay so whatever, I only met her twice, but STILL. She told me she was a student and WHO GOES ON A SEVEN WEEK VACATION RIGHT WHEN SCHOOL STARTS? Plus, they didn't mow their lawn the entire time! Who goes on a seven week vacation without having someone mow your lawn or pick up the newspapers in your driveway? I mean that just screams "Hello! This house is empty! Please rob us."

I started wondering if I should call the police.

but sadly, they came home yesterday. Lame. Boring.

I wish my street was more like Wisteria Lane.

At least I have the murder house.


September 29, 2009

Morning Routine

4:00 AM: I am awakened by Dan getting out of bed and dog's freaking out because they know they are going to be taken out. Don't feel that bad for Dan, he passes out at like 9 leaving me to stay up flipping through the channels until midnight like a lonely teenager.

4:30: Dogs wake me up again being brought in and out of the room.

5:30ish: Get woken up by loud crashing of Dan tearing down Kadira's crate to put in the other room. Kadira was only supposed to be in our room for 2 weeks because Dan somehow convinced me it was some stupid pack mentality bullshit. She now wakes me up 4 times a night with either chewing or snoring or whining. Dan has managed to sidestep all my attempts to get her out of the room.

6:40: Dan leaves. Wakes me up. I don't mind this one because my subconscious likes to know when I am the only one in the house.

7:30: Get woken up by all the other people leaving for work in our neighborhood who leave at a reasonable hour. Wonder if I'm ever going to get to rejoin the human race's morning routine. Fall back asleep.

8:30: Wake up and contemplate getting up. Plus: I might fall asleep at 11 instead of 12. Minus: I have to get up and I have nothing to do. Fall back asleep.

9:20: Get up because I am starting to feel lazy and gross. Go downstairs and pour myself a cup of coffee. It is cold because it was made at 4 AM. Put in microwave. Forget about coffee while turning on my computer and Today Show.

9:25: Go dress in sweatpants and sweatshirt despite the fact that its one hundred degrees. Let Kadira out of crate. Try all the stupid dog training techniques of putting my back to her and not giving her attention while she proceeds to attack me (hence the protective sweatpants/sweatshirt shield). Finally get her downstairs and out front for a walk. Neighbors give weird looks to the girl who looks like she just moved here from Alaska with her hyperactive sled dog.

9:59: Come home. Curse because coffee is cold again. Give Kadira a bone with peanut butter on it in hopes that she wont attack me for the next hour or so. Rewarm coffee. Turn on The View.

10:00-11:00: Watch The View despite the fact that I hate this show and it often makes me angry. Marvel at how angry all the women seem this season, especially Barbara and Whoopi who seem to think that they are the only people who have an opinion that matters. Wish Sheri would be rude and just butt in because she's funny. Blog. Kadira is now nawing on my foot and it hurts. Put more peanut butter on her bone. she ignores it and starts attacking me.

11:00: Trick Kadira into going back in her crate with a treat. Make a list of jobs I am applying for that day. Decide to take a shower first.

Rinse. Repeat.


September 27, 2009

Then and Now....

Please indulge me a little bit this morning. I know I talk about these dogs like they are children BUT THAT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE.

I can't believe how much Kadira has grown since we got her. This weekend I was taking some video of Toby and Kadira playing tug. While downloading the video I discovered some videos of their first meeting. You have to see the difference a couple of months has made in our household.

In this first video you will see Toby meeting Kadira for the first time. Notice how Kadira is scared of HIM.

But oh how the tides quickly change...check out this video taken a few moments later...

And finally, our lives now. Do yous see how big Kadira is??? Do you now understand why I compare her to raising a baby lion??? This video does not even capture the one hour epic battle over the chew toy that occurred in our household. Toby is a fighter and Kadira just found it amusing. Watching this makes me understand why people make fun of us when they see all of us walking down the street.

And yes, Dan has not changed his clothes in four months.




Sunday Post


Head on over to Seven Dames a Week to read my post "Welcome to the Real World" where I far too much detail...the story of how we (finally) got a kitchen table.


September 25, 2009

Open Letter & Weekend Links

Dear Writers of Grey's Anatomy,

I have some bad news. Your show is sucking. I was so disappointed with last night's premiere that I almost hurled a rock into the television. The manner in which you handled George's death was so lame and so irreverent to such a great character that I am going to have a hard time getting over it.

I think the problem is that you are letting personal hatred of the actors/actresses get in the way of writing decent stories. I mean lets be honest, you hated Katherine Heigle so much you decided to give her cancer and made her marry Alex. Now, with George, you made it seem like it was no big deal that he died at all! There was no flashbacks! People barely batted an eye! In fact, after he coded EVERYBODY WENT BACK TO WORK. Here and there you threw in a couple of scenes with people looking at the ground and manically shaking their shoulders to make it seem like they were crying, but that was quickly followed up with a sex scene and the world was good.


Get your shit together or I will seriously stop watching.

Love, Melissa

PS Here are your weekend links. My apologies to Stephanie (the new MRS Stephanie) for not getting these up yesterday to get her through the day ;) ...

-If you don't already follow my other blog, this would be the week to start! Everybody has been blogging about "the book that changed their life" and it has been so fun to see what everybody picks. Go on over and check it out (Seven Dames A Week).

-Speaking of books, did any of you read Sweet Valley High? I remember when I first discovered this series when I was a preteen and would read like 10 of Francine Pascal's books a week (Note: It was after I had read all the Baby Sitters Club and needed something new to feed my habit). It looks like they are developing it into a movie. I really hope they don't ruin it! (Perez Hilton).

-For all you golf geek animal lovers (Cute Overload).

-This black knit dress by Ralph Lauren is TO DIE (Corporette).

-Eva Longoria hosted the Alma Awards and had a ridiculous number of costume changes. My favorite was the green dress. Thoughts? (CoCo Perez).

-The answer to this question is yes. This is the ugliest thing I have ever seen (CocoPerez). THESE on the other hand are the most beautiful things I have ever seen!

-Kelly Cutrone (you know, Lauren's "boss" on The Hills) does a great interview on what it takes to be an intern in the fashion industry. Its pretty interesting (Working Girl).

-I love the idea of social calling cards! How fun! (Elizabeth Anne Designs).

And finally!!!!

I have been saving this nugget of goodness all week wanting to share. Check out this great version of Miley Cyrus's "The Climb" featuring Kelly Clarkson. Um. Amazing. Makes it into a good song.

Have a great weekend everybody!


September 24, 2009

Television Matching Game

Can you match these songs with the current television show they are associated with?


September 23, 2009

Real? Not Real?

So with the risk of feeling gullible...IS THIS FOR REAL?

(Thanks for the link Ryan)


Fall Trends

I am not a fanatical trend follower, and by that I mean I do not follow trends blindly nor would I describe myself as super fashionable. However, I would say that I enjoy buying the newest styles and playing with my look (who doesn't?). But there is one look I simply cannot get into: leggings.

These things will not go away. They came into fashion my first year of law school AND ARE STILL HERE! In fairness, I have never actually tried them on. I think I would have really scary flashbacks to the year 1989 when I was five wearing black stretch pants with stirrups and over sized sweatshirts. This trend was definitely meant for the five-year-old Melissa, not the twenty-five-year-old Melissa. Now if slouch socks wanted to come back, I would be all about that (kidding).

That being said, here are some of the trends this season that I am loving (I linked some of my favorites with no regard for price mind you):


-Long sleeve mini dresses with knee high boots

-Ankle boots (these are apparently going out, but I will enjoy the last of this style while I still can).

-chunky necklaces and rings

-The color purple

Do you guys have any Fall fashion favorites?


September 21, 2009

Kadira Photoshoot


Don't be fooled by her good behavior. I had a treat in my hand and that expectant gaze is her trying to determine the best jump and snap maneuver that will simultaneously get the treat and cause mass destruction to my body at the same time.


Kahlua Pork

I had forgotten why Friday Cooking Experiment was held on Friday until this weekend when I held it on a Sunday. As you know, Dan is the cook in this house and his enthusiasm for all things cooking and my lackluster approach caused him to kind of take over dinner and me to read the directions off the laptop. Either way, it turned out great.

This week's dish was Kahlua Pork. I will preface this with the statement that I am not a huge pork fan. However, I am a huge crock pot fan- and Dan likes pork. So it was a win-win. Plus it was suggested by a DuolyNoted reader (and old friend of Dan's) Tammy, so I had to give it a try. The result was the most tender pork I have ever had in my life. Here's how you cook it.



-Liquid Smoke (I did not know what this is, but after emailing Tammy and calling my Mom while in the store because I could not find it- I found it in a little bottle in the same aisle as where you find the A1 sauce).
-Oven Bags (I have never used an oven bag to cook anything, but I found them next to the ziplock bags).


1. Cut most of the fat off the pork (Tammy suggested that leaving it on made the drippings too rich).

2. Cut the meat in 3-4 places almost all the way through, but not completely.

3. Place the meat in the oven bag.

4. Douse the meat in the liquid smoke, making sure to get it inside the cuts. Tammy said to use about 1/2 the bottle (use the bag to smother so you do not have to touch it- it has a strong odor!). Salt to taste.


5. Close the bag, but keep it a bit loose to vent. Add a little water to the bottom of the slow cooker so that the bag does not melt and place the bag inside. Cook on low for 8-10 hours.


6. Remove from slow cooker and cut. Ours just fell apart beautifully!


7. Place on a bed of rice and enjoy!

Thanks Tammy!


September 20, 2009

Emmy Predictions

Dan and I are going head to head in an epic emmy ballot battle, which is really not so epic since we picked a lot of the same people. How does your ballot compare?

Best Series, Drama
BOTH: Mad Men
*For the record Dan WANTS Lost to win. I think Lost sucked after the second season.

Best Actor, Comedy
BOTH: Steve Carell, The Office

Best Supporting Actor, Drama
BOTH: William Shatner
*We both thought Mad Men at first since it gets all the buzz, but decided since it was Boston Legal's last season they might throw Shatner a bone.

Best Supporting Actress, Comedy
BOTH: Amy Poehler, SNL

Best Variety, Music, Comedy
BOTH The Daily Show
*but because of the election we think SNL might win...

Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series
Dan: Alan Alda, 30 Rock
Melissa: Justin Timberlake, SNL
*Dan is no longer speaking to me because of my Justin Timberlake pick. For the record I do not think that he can act, but he is pretty fing hilarious on SNL. Plus, you know, NSYNC.

Best Miniseries

Best Series Comedy
Dan: 30 Rock
Melissa: The Office
*For the record Dan wants Family Guy to win

Best Actress, Drama
Dan: Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men
Melissa: Glenn Close, Damages
*It should also be noted that neither of us has ever watched Mad Men, it just seems to win everything.

Best Supporting Actress, Drama
BOTH: Chanda Wilson, Greys

Best Reality Competition
Dan: Dancing With The Stars
Melissa: The Amazing Race
*Dan wants it noted that this is a trick question because there is no such thing as a good reality show competition

Best Guest Actor, Drama
BOTH: Michale J Fox, Rescue Me

Best Guest Actress, Comedy
BOTH: Tina Fey,

Best Lead Actor in a Miniseries of Movie
BOTH: Kiefer Sutherland, 24: Redemption

Best Actor, Drama
BOTH: Jon Hamm, Mad Men

Best Actress, Comedy
BOTH: Tina Fey, 30 Rock

Best Supporting Actor, Comedy
BOTH: Neil Patric Harris, How I Met Your Mother

Best Host Reality
BOTH Phil Keoghan The Amazing Race

Best Guest Actress In a Drama Series
Dan: Carol Burnett, Law and Order
Melissa: Sharon Lawrence, Greys

Best Lead Actress
Both: Chanda Wilson

So as your can see, not a ton of difference. For the record, I have personally tweeted Rachel Zoe to find out who she is styling this year. Uh. She has not responded. Nobody hold your breath.


2006 Petite Sirah by Concannon


This bottle of wine normally runs around $15, but I managed to get it for about $7 because I am an amazing wine shopper. Very good, very smooth. Highly suggested.



In other wine news, my taste in wine was validated last night when Dan and I went to Cru to celebrate our recent bar passage and taste their wine and cheese flights.

Dan got the Pinot flight which consisted of a 2007 Cono Sur "20 Barrels," a 2007 Morgan "Twelve Clones," and a 2007 EnRoute "Les Pommiers."

I, of course, got the Syrah/Shiraz flight (pop quiz- do you know the difference? Shiraz is the name used for wines produced in South Africa and Australia. American wine makers adopted the French word "Syrah." Both are a blacker grape grown in a more granite like soil.) This flight consisted of a 2007 Man Vinters, 2006 Yangarra "Single Vinyard," and a 2006 Red Car "The Fight." I immediately fell in love with the 2006 Red Car. It had a mild hint of blueberry that was on a level I have never experienced with a Syrah. It was my soul mate wine. I love finding wines like this.

I asked our waiter how much the bottles of my soul mate wine was in hopes of buying one to take home since our wine collection is getting rather low.

$115 a bottle. $20 a glass.

Being poor sucks.

I left without the wine, but on a happier note my blind taste in good wines was validated.

I am currently cooking a pork recipe that was suggested by a duolynoted reader. Check back tomorrow for the recipe for this week's Friday (Sunday) Cooking Experiment. I have high hopes!


Sunday Post

My other blog, Seven Dames a Week, is doing a theme week on "the book that changed your life." You can read my post by clicking HERE. I love theme weeks, so keep checking back to see what the other girls write about.


September 18, 2009

Weekend Links

-I adore Jenna Bush Hager, I think she is such a sweetheart. She premiered her first segment on the Today Show this morning here in Dallas and did a great job (Today).

-Check out these pictures from the best rehearsal dinner ever. Yoga and golfing? Why didn't I think of that (Kuperblog).

-Shout out to all my friends in Seattle! Please go try this absolutely delicious looking Princess Cake at the Svedala Bakery (CakeSpy).

-I really think this girl may be wearing the most beautiful wedding dress of all time (Jasmine Star).

-I want this light so bad. It is like a classier version of what I used to hang in my dorm room (Design Milk).

-A beautiful example of some great photo editing (Pioneer Woman).

-Melissa did a ridiculously amazing job at capturing the essence of this puppy. I don't know if the dog reminds me of Toby or what, but I literally have showed everybody this link (Melissa Jill).

So I am a little bored with my google reader. I am going to clean out some blogs that just aren't doing it for me anymore this weekend. Do any of you have good blog suggestions? I read enough celebrity stuff, so I don't think I need anymore of that. I really enjoy personal blogs, so if any of you out there write one or know of a good one please let me know!


September 17, 2009

We Did It!

So I have big news....


I cannot express what a relief this is. If you are a new reader to my blog you are lucky, because my summer was consumed with self-pity posts regarding bar studying. The day the bar was over was one of the happiest days of my life (I wrote about it in a post aptly titled, "Oh Happy Day.")

For weeks I have refused to talk about getting the results. I just kept pretending that this day would not come. Every time Dan has brought it up I have said "can we please not talk about it?" Today was even written in my planner as "Doomsday." I was SO NERVOUS.

Last night Dan and I decided we were going to have to discuss our game plan for receiving the results. We determined that we would both call if either of us passed or both of us did not pass. If one or the other did not pass, we would wait until that person wanted to call.

The results were supposed to be up at 9AM, which is 11 AM Texas time. I was a nervous wreck all last night. I had a dream that I had passed the bar, but online they had misspelled my name so I was not sure it was really ME. I kept calling and calling the office to see if I had passed and they never responded. I finally woke up in a cold sweat and decided to go downstairs and wait out the next 3 hours before exam results were posted. At 10 o'clock I checked and there was nothing. Two minutes later I got a call from Dan, for what I was assuming was a last minute "Holy shit I am so nervous." discussion. Instead he greeted me with a "WE DID BABE!"

I did not understand. What do you mean we did it? The results were not supposed to be up for another hour!

But apparently two seconds after I checked they came up and we passed! I immediately called my parents to tell them the good news (especially since for the last couple months I had casually forgot to mention when we would find out results.) This is how those two conversations went:

Me: Mom! I have exciting news!
Me: No Mom, I passed the bar.

Me: Dad! I have exciting news!
Dad: You are pregnant!
Me: What is wrong with you???? If I was pregnant I would not start it off with "I have exciting news."

I also called my friend Katherine who had to listen to me melt down every single day for the three months of studying.

Me: I have exciting news!:
Kat: You got a job!
Me: No. I passed the bar.
Kat: That is great!
Me: You guessed the same as my Mom. She guessed job.
Kat: I'm sorry.
Me: Well, it was better then my Dad. He thought I was pregnant.
Kat: Oh. That was actually my second guess.
Me: That's not funny. Would I sound happy if I got pregnant?
Kat: Well that is why I went with job first
Me: Touche
Kat: Perhaps when you tell people from now on you should say "I HAVE EXCITING NEWS! Do not try and guess what it is."

Unfortunately Dan and I cannot celebrate tonight because I have class (I enrolled in a creative writing program to keep myself sane). But this weekend will definitely be a cause for huge celebration in our house. Thank you to all of you who have been such an amazing source of support these last few months and congrats to all my colleagues who passed as well!

(Of course we still have to take the MPRE before it is "official." But that is cake compared to the bar knock on wood.)


September 16, 2009

...and the rain rain rain came down down down...

It have also been raining like crazy in Dallas:

I understand that every "place" has their weather downfalls. For Spokane, it was 3 months of being snowed in by ten feet of that white fluffy stuff (see Did I Move To Alaska In My Sleep?). For Dallas, its crippling heat apparently combined with torrential rain storms. It has gone on for SIX DAYS NOW. Six days of me just sitting in the house starring out the window in disdain while simultaneously praying that the water does not get high enough in the backyard to seep into the house. Monday I could not take it anymore. Despite the fact that it was the second worst rainstorm I had experienced, I still decided to run to the store. The streets were flooded and I subsequently got caught in a pool of water that made my car drift three inches to the left. Not that big of a deal, but still scared me shitless. All I could think about was me being stuck under an underpass, having to break my window, climb on top of my car, and wave at the rescue helicopters while the Weather Channel films me for their next installment of "Worst Weather Disasters"


I heard from my husband that he got some flack by an anonymous Duoly Noted reader who was not happy that I did not blog about Kanye West and Taylor Swift incident. For the record, I agree with the President on this one. Also, I was tweeting about it live while watching the awards with all the other twelve years old kids in the country. Follow me on Twitter HERE OR click on the link above and you can go to my twitter homepage. I promise not slip on my pop culture posts in the future!


September 15, 2009

Toby's Haircut Dallas Style

Recently I have been a bit of a bad dogmom to Toby because I let his hair go a bit neglected. I just hate taking him to the groomers because I literally see my happy puppy turn into a shaky mess every time we walk through the door. Plus it costs as much for him to get his hair cut as it does for me to get mine done. But as you can see from the pictures below, Toby could not go any longer without getting a trim. He was starting to look rather gremlin-ish.

For those of you who have been with this blog from its beginnings, you know that I have a sick habit of posting before and after pictures of every single one of Toby's haircuts. This is primarily because they are so awful that its hysterical. So without further ado...


Please ignore his grumpy face. I woke him up from his eight hour long afternoon nap to take this picture and he was not happy about it.

I have been taking Toby to PetSmart...which I know is a really controversial decision because many people think you should take your dog to groomers who are based out of their home. I like the fact that I can walk by the window at any point and see what they are doing to my dog. I cannot do that at someone's house.

This is by far the best haircut Toby has ever had...but Toby did not think so. The second we got back in the house he ran upstairs and hid under the bed in shame. Perhaps it was the haircut, perhaps it was the goofy scarf they insisted putting around his neck


I finally coaxed him out with treats and managed to get a couple shots.

He proceeded to lay back down to finish his nap.


September 13, 2009

Simple Pillowcases


This past week I embarked into the sewing world for the first time since I was about twelve years old. My current project is to conduct a master bed makeover. Two weeks ago I found a great bedskirt at Bed Bath & Beyond, but it was black and was a stark contrast to my red duvet. Thus I decided that the bed needed new, black pillowcases to bring the two colors together. These were very simple pillowcases. Avid sewers will find my adventures laughable, but if you are not an avid sewer here is how I made them (and trust me, if I can do it so can you.)

STEP ONE: Gather Supplies. I decided to go solo and not use a pattern because the concept was so incredibly simple. I wanted to make three pillowcases. I bought 5 yards of solid black fabric (way too much) and 1.5 yards of the accent fabric which was black with gray highlights. This was my concept:

STEP TWO: Get your sewing machine ready. I am borrowing a sewing machine from a friend and literally have not touched a sewing machine in forever. I had some major problems trying to remember how to wind the bobbin and where to wind all the thread. I must say that youtube is the best invention for all beginning sewers. I would google my brand of sewing machine and what I wanted to do and there inevitably was a video guiding my way.

STEP THREE: Wash and Dry the fabric on the same setting you will wash your pillowcases.


STEP FOUR: Cut 2 squares of 21 x 27 inch black fabric and 2 squares of 21 x 8.5 inch fabric (makes only one pillowcase).

STEP FIVE: Fold the accent fabric in half with the backside on the outside. Sew the sides shut and flip it inside out (or in this case outside in). Iron so that the seams are flat.

STEP SIX: Sew the open end of the accent fabric to the 21 inch end of the black fabric.

STEP SEVEN: Repeat steps five and six for the second side of the pillow. Pin the two sides together with the inside facing outside. Sew all three edges except the accent side together.

STEP EIGHT: Flip right side out and you have your pillow case!

My next big project is to make pillow covers for the King pillows. I need to find a pattern I like that is simple but more decorative then these. Any suggestions?


Sunday Post

Head on over to Seven Dames a Week to check out my newest post "Cell Phone Etiquette."

As a preface, this post is not directed towards anybody, but rather is a generalized accumulation of YEARS of personal frustrations with cell phones. Seriously, give me a Garfield phone with the curly cord and I will be happy as a clam.


September 12, 2009

Whitney on Oprah

Is anybody else tuning in with me?


September 11, 2009

Weekend Links

Jasmine Star is hands down one of my favorite photographers. This week she did a great post on group shots for weddings, photographs she rarely blogs about. I was not happy with the group pictures from our wedding. In EVERY SINGLE ONE of the pictures of our bridal party someone's face was cut off or their eyes were closed. NOT HAPPY. Jasmine's group shots were amazing, all photographers take note (Jasmine Star). Speaking of Jasmine's work, I really loved the paneling that Jasmine used to blog about THIS engagement session this week.

My friend Maureen did an absolutely beautiful baby shoot this week (Maureen Oliver Photography).

I don't know if I would ever buy these lamps for my house, but they sure are sexy! (Design Milk). Also from Design Milk, the outside of THIS cabin makes me think unabomber. The inside makes me think heaven.

I loved what Melissa did with these family portraits. Especially how she incorporated the dogs! (Melissa Jill Photography).

I think Kathy Griffin is hysterical, and I love the promo for her "new show" Kate is Enough - all Jon and Kate Plus 8 fans must watch (Perez Hilton).

The picture of this lemon pasta looks so good it makes my mouth water. I bet it tastes just as good! (Playing House). Also check out Amy's great idea for iced coffee HERE.

I adore Ben Chrisman's wedding photography, but I have never laughed out loud by mere pictures until I viewed his photo journal from Burning Man (Ben Chrisman).

A little bit of lawyer humor for the weekend (FAILBlog).

I really, really, really need this book. No really (Pioneer Women). Plus for all you photoshop people out there, I loved THIS piece on creating storyboards.

CUTEST (PIG) CAKES EVER (CakeSpy). I don't know how I feel about THESE cake grilled orange shells...but I love the creativity!

The sweetest tribute to a new puppy I have ever seen (Bobby Earle).

For all you recent law school graduates out there, I do not know if our current situation could have been said any better (Daisy, JD).

My best friend and her fiance are coming into town this weekend and we are going to have our first taste of Tex Mex with them. Can't wait! Have a great weekend everybody!


Parks and Barks


I will say one nice thing about the Dallas area.


They have some pretty amazing parks. I mean EVERYWHERE. Within a 10 mile vicinity of our home there are probably seven or eight parks. All are full of perfectly manicured trails and they get tons of use by the locals. The people here are also extremely friendly. Everybody you pass responds with a "good morning" or "good evening" or "PASSING ON YOUR LEFT! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP BLOCKING THE ENTIRE ROAD!"

I joke.

Dan and I take the kids on walks in one of two parks every day. About every Sunday we take Kadira up to a nature preserve about fifteen miles away that is fabulous. It has off road trails and you literally can end up hiking about ten miles in what feels like the woods while still being in the middle of the city.



I have been in a grumpy mood all week, and quite frankly I do not feel like cooking today. Thus Friday Cooking Experiment is not happening. We are going to have macaroni and cheese. I am however finishing up the pillowcases that I started, and I must say I am super proud of myself. They are really simple and I will show you how I made them. Also, check back later today for Weekend Links. There are some great photography ones this week!



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