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June 30, 2009

If Only...

...we could all eat this well. Click HERE for the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Ears! Ears! Ears!

Remember this little girl with the floppy ears we brought home a couple weeks ago? Well I am glad I took these pictures when I did because literally one day her ears just flew up and have been that way ever since.

THEY ARE HUGE! They completely overpower her head and make her look like the cutest little kangaroo in the whole world (especially when you see her long tail!)

Just to give you some are Kadira's ears vs Toby's ears...

June 29, 2009

Some Random Monday Musings...

I have been wanting to post all day, but I do not really have enough energy or inspiration to write anything other then some random musings that consist of feelings and emotions I have needed to express for some time...

Find this print and more at Baghaus

1. I LOVING giraffe print this season, especially in bathing suites and purses. I own neither but I salivate with envy every time I see people wearing/holding anything giraffe print.

2. At first I was not that sad about the Michael Jackson death. I understand for some people it is on the scale of what Justin Timberlake dying would mean to me, but I just couldn't get over the fact that Michael was somewhat creepy... and like all the politically correct commentators are saying "whether he was a child molester or not, he definitely had inappropriate relationships with young boys." But late the other night I watched VH1's "Michael Jackson, King of Videos" tribute and then got REALLY sad. I don't miss Michael Jackson the person, but I do miss his music. So I have now been listening to his music on Pandora nonstop and have decided that THIS is my favorite video. I have consequently spent the last hour trying to figure out the little head thing at the end.

3. For the first time since we got the little devil dog, Dan has taken Kadira out of the apartment to a friend's house to play with their dog. I am thrilled, and I thought Toby would be too. Finally he can venture out into the living room without being attacked! The second they left I ran into the bedroom to let Toby out into the living room where I thought he would bound around with glee and chew on all of Kadira's toys. But he is very disinterested in the living room when Kadira is not there, and plopped back down on the blanket in the guest bedroom for his 5 hour afternoon nap.

4. I have doing lot of my studying by the pool because I find that it provides strong motivation to counteract my desire to kill myself every time I wake up and think about all the lectures I have to do that day. That being said, let me just enlighten everybody on some pool etiquette. Feel free to disagree in the comments, but I subscribe to the theory that when there is nobody else in the pool area you can sit wherever you want. If you enter the pool as a SECOND person, you should choose the chair the FURTHERMOST AWAY from the person who first entered the pool. But for the last two days dumb bitches have proceeded to plop down in the chairs RIGHT NEXT to me despite the fact that there are plenty of empty sunny lawn chairs around the entire pool. Yes, I realize that this is the best place in the pool, that's why I sat here when I GOT HERE FIRST. Now stop being a creeper and give me some space people or I swear I will start blasting my Conflicts of Law Lecture on my ihome in hopes of clearing you all out!

5. Because I am obsessed with Keeping Up With the Kardashians I decided to follow the whole family on twitter in hopes that I would be entertained by their witty banter during the two, maybe three, hours a day that their show is not in reruns. I have been sorely disappointed. Following their family consists of Rob tweeting in ALL CAPS HOW MUCH HIS FAMILY ROCKS and his sisters tweeeting "working out!" every time they work out (which is apparently a lot, since they don't have real jobs). I am considering unfollowing but am not prepared to make that decision just yet.

June 28, 2009

June 27, 2009

NY Skyline realistic do you think it would be to assume Dan would let me do THIS to a room in our new house?

Turtle Burger

Turtle Burger
Originally uploaded by flaunted

I Wanna Hold 'Em Like They Do In Texas Plays

If you enjoy Lady Ga Ga you have to watch this video of an orchestra's version of "Poker Face" Not only is it a great arrangement...but....uh...I finally know the words (which is so going to come in handy at a karaoke night!)

June 26, 2009


Driving home from our 1 month anniversary dinner on Wednesday there was a beautiful sunset that I just had to get a picture of. I kept leaning further and further out the window while Dan was driving in an effort to capture its magnificence...he proceeded to yell at me to get back in the car before we got pulled over.

At the end, I got the shot, we didn't get pulled over. Win. Win.


Everyone I know who is getting married is now getting THESE as a wedding gift. How funny.

Wouldn't it make a great pairing with THIS!

June 25, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

Dear Life,

I miss you.

Love, Melissa


Congratulations school children everywhere! The Supreme Court just held that you have the right to not be strip searched (kind of) at school under the 4th A. Read the opinion HERE.

June 24, 2009

Made My Morning

Amazing Ben Folds and Regina Spektor duet via Cait on Twitter. It was the PERFECT way to start my morning!

June 23, 2009


Somebody needs to tell Kadira that is is not polite to sleep with her legs open.

June 22, 2009

Craigslist Rocks My World

Reason number 123,234,342 why I love my husband.

After our garage sale last weekend Dan and I were left with a miss match pile of junk. Seriously, junk. I was like "lets just donate it ALL" but Dan decided to put up THIS ad on Craigslist.

...and get this! Our phone rang off the hook and WE SOLD IT! For $100.

There is no need to donate to charity ever again! You can sell ANYTHING on the internet.

I'm kidding about the not donating to charity thing. But seriously you really can sell anything. Like we just sold a broken vacuum.

June 21, 2009

Sunday Post

Don't forget to check out my Sunday post over on Seven Dames a Week on all you need to know about Twitter, entitled "Twitter 101."

And the answer is yes, I did spend 45 minutes of my time at the library when I was supposed to be listening to lectures writing this article. Don't make it all be in vain, sign up for twitter and follow me at @duolynoted.

$$ Garage Sale Time $$

Yesterday we participated in a community garage sale at our apartment complex. There wasn't the best turn-out, but we did make $200!! I am forever amazed at the crap people will buy at these things. For example one women bought all of our old scraps of liner for the cupboards for 50 cents. SCRAPS.


But the best part of the whole day is Dan finally decided to sell his Forever 27 poster in a true investment in our marriage. I am happy to report this thing found a very good home with the family downstairs whose wife said she would let it be hung up in their house- which is more then I can say for me...

Baking Woes Woes

Recently I blogged about my Baking Woes and how in an effort to save my self esteem I am no longer baking and only buying the cookie dough in the frozen food section.

...but my Mom thwarted my plan by sending me THIS!

Crooked House (sigh) Very Metaphorical

So this big announcement tomorrow night on Jon and Kate Plus 8 is looking more and more to be like a divorce announcement. Click on the link HERE to watch a clip from tomorrow nights show.

Yet while I find Jon and Kate super interesting (who gets to keep Aiden? ME! ME!) what I love the most about this clip are those BADASS CROOKED HOUSES! Seriously! How cool are they? So I obviously went to their website and spent like 20 minutes looking at all the cool houses I could get for myself...I mean....for someone elses children....obviously.

Check out the Crooked Houses website HERE.

June 18, 2009

Please Ignore My Moment of Self Pity...

I have bad news to report tonight. I feel off the bandwagon. I have been a non-pop drinker (with the exception of when I am around my mother) for almost two years...but with bar study I just could not make it. I needed my boost of caffeine to get me through the afternoons when the (literal) pot of coffee from the morning wore off.

Life right now is pretty wretched. I hate studying for the bar with every fiber of my being. My tank that allowed me to study crap that I did not care about is running on empty. I wake up every day dreading the lectures, dreading the pressure, and having no desire to do it. I often ask myself the question of why I am taking the bar right now anyways- but the truth of the matter is that if I do not do it now I don't know that I ever will. And Lord knows I did not just waste the last three years of my life to be offered a job and be like "oops, never took the bar" (despite my serious concerns about my probability of not passing anyways).

I am also so sick of the dirty jokes by the professors attempting to get us to listen. At first they were cute, now they are just perverse. My Contracts professor refers to one of the legal principles as the "Sharon Stone In Your Shower Fantasy," and I truly do not remember what legal principle the example was for, but rather am haunted by the image of my 80 year old professor declaring his fantasies publicly. I also do not care about the distinction between a "void" versus "voidable" marriage. Nor the rights of an assignee in an assigned contract. Nor the reason why Assault isn't called Attempted Battery.

I do not care. For the love of God let me enjoy my summer.

Beautiful Blue Sky


SAD! Looks like this upcoming Monday Jon and Kate will be announcing their divorce...

June 16, 2009

Must Watch

Hysterical- Taylor Swift rapping HERE

Stop the Barking...Please!

So remember when I said Kadira was a sweetheart? How she let Toby claw at her and she just took it? I think I actually used the words:
"Kadira has been a gem and so patient as Toby sniffed every single part of her, barked at her, jumped at her, and nipped at her. Through it all Kadira has just looked at him like "really?" which not only made my heart soar, but made all my fears melt away."

Well I was wrong. Toby and Kadira cannot be in the same room without bitingbarkinghumpingorchasing. I'm going to kill them. I have to listen to 5 hours of BarBri lectures a day and its really hard when there is a battle going on in my apartment.

Toby's favorite place of retreat is under the futon, which Kadira is tragically still small enough to fit under....halfway. Toby worms his way to the back and Kadira proceeds to get as close as she can before getting stuck...and then bark.

and bark.

and bark.

and bark


You get the picture.

I then, in a fit of RAGE, throw down my headphone and walk over to Kadira's half protruding body and PULL HER OUT from under the futon. Toby then runs out and humps her. Kadira proceeds to BITE me, causing me to release my grasp and the whole routine happens again. Toby under futon. Kadira yapping at her. Me attempting to study. Me getting angrier by the second.

Then, just when I am at the point to send them both to the pound- they magically fall asleep...and are just the cutest things you've ever seen.

Crazy Eyes

Floppy Ears

Baking Woes

Yesterday I tried to make good ol' fashioned chocolate chip cookies and messed them up. It is getting a little frustrating. I mean granted I didn't really have enough flour so I just put in what I had and hoped for the best...but still!!!! I bet if Betty freaking Crocker had put in 2 cups of flour instead of 2 1/4 her cookies would have risen for her.

Baking can suck it. I don't even know why I try. That is what the frozen food aisle is for anyways, I can buy the frozen dough there. I don't know the synonym for innocuous, but whatever it is, that is what baking is doing to my self esteem.

June 15, 2009

Innocuous Love

I just heard my Torts prof use the word "innocuous." It might be because I am quasi losing my mind, but I decided that I am in love with that word and want to use it more often. I only wish I knew what it meant. So I looked it up...and it means "having no adverse affect."


I have no idea how to use this word in a sentence now. Other then "the innocuous rubber bullets," which is how my professor used it in his hypothetical.

So today I am going to do my best to use the word innocuous as much as I can. I figure that any over use of the word wouldn't be innocuous.

EH? eh? Did I use it right?

June 14, 2009

Sunday Post

Head on over to Seven Dames a Week for my new blog post A Child Already.

June 13, 2009

Peanut Butter Cookies

Yesterday I had a "holy shit I am going to fail the bar" meltdown. It consisted of me deciding that if I had to listen to anther stupid online lecture, or take another stupid practice test, I was going to just give up and take the bar in Wisconsin (lawyer humor, there is not a bar in Wisconsin.)

Instead of giving up, I decided to take a break and make some peanut butter cookies. It is a really, really simple recipe that you can find HERE on Bettty Crocker.

I would recommend two things the next time you bake this recipe. First, only bake them for 8 minutes because that is plenty. I baked one batch for 9 minutes and they were too hard. Second, don't put the sugar on top. Its not necessary and doesn't even taste that good.

But does anybody know how to get the edges all perfect like they are in the Betty Crocker picture?

June 12, 2009


1. Waking Up In Vegas- Katie Perry
2. Boom Boom Pow- Black Eyed Peas
3. Goodbye- Kristina DeBarge
4. LoveGame- LadyGaGa
5. Fire Burning- Sean Kingston
6. Please Don't Leave Me- Pink
7. Battle Field- Jordan Sparks
8. I Do Not Hook Up- Kelly Clarkson
9. Whatever It Is- Zack Brown Band I LOVE THIS SONG. MUST LISTEN!
10. Summer Nights- Rascal Flatts


While on our honeymoon I could not stop taking pictures. We bought the camera so that I could get some great shots, but it got to the point where Dan was like "are you on this honeymoon with me or the camera?" Touche!

I have spent hours going through the hundreds of pictures I took. Here are a few of my favorites.

THE BOAT: Carnival Liberty

I have never been a cruise so you have to forgive my fascination with all things boaty. Everything I know about cruises I learned from watching Titanic.

This is the waterslide. I'm fairly certain that Dan and I were the only adults on the cruise (who did not have children) who went on the waterslide on a daily basis. Every afternoon we would be on the top deck laying out (because I needed the wind) and then slide down when we got too hot. This was a great plan until we got to the bottom and had to bolt up four flights of stairs with seering hot pavement burning our feet. I now have no feeling in the bottom of my feet.

I would show you the pictures of Dan during the lifeguard seminar but they are primarily of him giving me a look that said "are you f-ing kidding that I have to wear this life vest right now." For me, the seminar was very informative. I ensured that we learned from the fate of the Titanic and there were enough lifeboats for everybody. Just in case, I also ensured that the age old rule of "women and children in the lifeboat first" was still the policy.

The elevators

The Golden Dining Hall

Dan and I enjoying lunch. Nothing in the world made me happier then the "drink of the day" which always included a mini umbrella. Does anybody know where I can buy mini umbrellas in bulk to put in my diet coke at home?

No seriously. I really did just take a picture of the bathrobes. I also considered buying one despite the fact that I own two.

Did you not read my post Old Lady Bathrobe Syndrome?

I made sure I knew where all the life preservers were on the ship in case we ran across somebody in the sea and I could be a hero...and also for me to steal if the ship decided to sink.

For the most part, the activities on the boat were pretty lame. But one night there was a big battle between the decks and EVERYONE participated. I am happy to report that the red team (our team) dominated. Obviously. Its red...and we were on the team.


First, we flew to Miami on free Southwest credit. That was pretty awesome. Then, when our boat docked earlier then we thought Southwest switched our flight a day earlier then previously booked FOR FREE.

SERIOUSLY? What other airline does that? They are amazing.

But to add to their amazing-ness, when the flight attendant found out it was our honeymoon they gave us a fee bottle of champaign!

PS Did I spell champaign right? Because the stupid spell check does not have my spelling as an option. Obviously the creators of spell check are non-drinkers.

(Okay I didn't say it was QUALITY champaign. We are in an economic crisis after all.)


Upon arriving in Jamaica we boarded a bus (read: van meant for 10 people holding 15) to Dunn's River Falls. Now, let me just say that when we decided to climb Dunn's River Falls I thought we were walking beside the waterfall. But when I saw everyone put their belongings in the shady wood lockers and walk down to the falls in their swimsuit I started to understand that I would not be walking on a simple hiking trail.

Obviously I could not take my SLR camera on the hike (which takes a little under two hours), but after we were done Dan jumped back in and I got some great pictures with my telephonic lens.

After the falls we walked around some shops and realized we were not meant to barter. The whole concept just makes me feel uncomfortable- JUST TELL ME WHAT THE PRICE IS. Our barter efforts went like this.

US: We will give you $15
THEM: $60
US: $15
THEM: $55
US $15
THEM: $40
US: $15
THEM: Get out of my shop.

This is not just a pretty picture of the water- look closer and you will see a surprise! (hint, I mentioned my love for them earlier. And no its not a bathrobe.)


After a near death experience getting to Dolphin Discovery, we finally made it to fufill my dream of swimming with dolphins! Here is me bonding with a rescue dolphin named Maggie.

The experience was amazing and the dolphins were so incredibly sweet. We got to be towed and do the foot push. Too bad working with dolphins requires the study of science and and not law...

Dan could not get me snorkline to save his life in the Caymen Islands. Everytime I went in the water I freaked out. Read my post Brave on Seven Dames a Week to understand why.

The rocks Dan tried to convince me we should snorkel off of. I said "hell no- after I jump off how am I getting back up?" at which point he fell on them and cut himself. Point proven.

Read about my take on the Sea Turtles at Brave on Seven Dames a Week.


Seriously, this island is the most beautiful and amazing place I have ever been (and I've been to some pretty badass places). The people were so amazing and the island is so untouched. Dan and I are buying a place there ASAP.*

*And by ASAP I mean when we are 60.

School of fish Dan saw while snorkeling.

We went zip lining which you can also ready about at Brave on Seven Dames a Week as well.

Going down what our guides called "Big Mama."

How bad do you want to fall asleep on this chair?

Up until this moment my happy place was the hammock at the Marriot in the Florida Keyes. It has now been replaced with this amazing view...

Goodbye Rotan!




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