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May 28, 2009

Favorites From Five Photographers

I am so blessed to have a wonderful number of photographers in my life who know my need for immediate gratification. They all sent me some of their shots from the wedding and you can ask Dan, I have spent HOURS obsessing over them. I love going through and seeing the different styles from everyone! All are so talented.

My brother Ryan contributed a few despite his computer difficulty and my nagging emails "do you have them edited yet???" He also did our engagement pictures and has an eye for details that is astounding.

A few are from my bridesmaid Caitlin who was helpful beyond belief at the wedding, but also managed to capture some beautiful shots as well (some of the bachlorette party of which I will not be posting...but we will just say they involved a toothless man around the age of 50 dressed in drag selling jello shots.)

Some are from my friend Maureen who writes for numerous blogs including Seven Dames a Week with me and Caitlin, Wednesday Photos, and Maureen Oliver Photography Blog.

And last but not least is from Dan's sister Kirstin who is a budding photographer with brilliant talent. She captured so many special moments throughout the wedding and I have looked at her facebook album probably upwards of 100 times.

Here are a few of my favorites:

My bridesmaids and I at the rehearsal dinner

Rehearsal dinner place settings created by Dan's Mom- absolutely beautiful!

Guest Book


Oops! I forgot to brush my teeth!

Reenacting the scene from Runaway Bride

Chris escorting Maria down the aisle

A hug between two of the closest heterosexual males I have ever seen.


Me and Dad

Is that a tear? I think so.

Unity Candle

First kiss

Forgot the bouquet- oops!

Walking down the aisle

Quick Exit




Eating cake

Signing the marriage licenses

Maria, Dan, Me, and Chris

Katherine looking amazing in that dress she gave me so much shit over

First Dance

Back of the dress!

Father-Daughter dance

Garter Toss

I love the look on Kat's face during the dollar dance

Dancing with Kat and Maria

Look at Thu's moves!

Love this shot

Ryan rocking out

Leaving in a RED HUMMER! My husband did a good job with the get-a-way vehicle.

Tomorrow we leave for our honeymoon in the Western Caribbean. The Best Man did not know that part of his duties was to watch Toby during the duration of our stay, but he seems to be handling it pretty well. But never fear fellow readers, I have already checked to see if there is internet on the boat and I am bringing my new Canon Rebel as well as my laptop to upload pictures nightly.

Check back for pictures and what is sure to be one hell of a good time.

May 27, 2009

Favorite Wedding Moments

As opposed to getting all gushy (because believe me, I could!) I have decided to list some of my favorite moments from the weekend in a non-exhaustive list.

-Checking the weather 2 months before. Dan yelling at me and forcing me to knock on wood every time I say the weather is supposed to be beautiful. Having the most beautiful day ever for the wedding. 80 degrees. No wind. Huge sigh of relief.

-Getting to the make-up artist at 11:30 for a half hour appointment. Not sitting down until noon. Having my make-up artist ask if I was in a time crunch. Me adamantly saying yes and her proceeding to take another hour with my make-up.

-My hairdresser having to drive Caitlin and Katherine to the make-up artist...because we were that late.

-Being late but finding out Dan and his groomsmen were not at the mansion yet either. Commissioning Thu to text threatening messages to the boys about their tardiness. The boys find we are not there yet either.

-Katherine's giant red mark from being bit by a mosquito and Maria then proceeding to slap her back to kill it.

-Walking back into the bridal suite after pictures only to find the whole bridal party sitting around drinking bottled beers.

-A huge bumblebee landing on Katherine's bouquet just as I'm walking down the aisle, her yelling "SHIT!" and Maria screaming "SHHHH!!!!"

-Forgetting the bouquet after the ceremony (which I totally blame Maria for. Where was my Maid of Honor?? We'll see if she gets her flowers next year at HER wedding. ;))

-Dan shooting the garter straight at Phil's forehead to make a point about what he wants to see happen with his sister.

-Jen's victory lap after catching the bouquet.

-Coming to the sober realization halfway through the father-daughter dance that my father is a much better dancer then me.

-Screaming every.single.time the photographer made Dan dip me.

-Sitting on Chris like 500 times.

-Learning how to disco properly from David.

-Having *NSYNC played at my wedding. Twice. As well as learning a new dance to SexyBack.

-Dan, arm in arm with Katherine and Thu, attempting to dip them both, and watching them fall flat on their ass. (Seriously people? Pictures?)

-Having Thu book her flight for the wrong weekend. Twice. Joking about how she stayed so long with us after the wedding that she was our newly adopted Asian baby. She's in med school now. They grow up so fast.

-18th Floor Davenport Tower Honeymoon Suite. Enough said


May 26, 2009

Wedding Taste


And its over.

Our wedding was perfect, and in retrospect I would have only changed one little thing.

That I had a camera in hand when Dan attempted to dip both Thu and Katherine and all three of them tumbled to the ground.

If someone has that photo I need it ASAP.

I am currently compiling pictures for a post- but until then above is a taste courtesy of my amazing bridesmaid Caitlin.

May 25, 2009

Wedding Photos

Summit Photography's slideshow of our wedding!

May 21, 2009

All Brides Take Note

I am posting this because had I not found out about this 4 days before my wedding I would totally hire these guys to do this at my wedding (Maggie, take note).

Brian & Eileen's Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo.

May 20, 2009

Wish I Could Change This Fast on Sunday

Great Home Decorating Ideas

Go to Jessica Strickland's photography blog HERE to check out some great home decor inspiration from Extreme Home Makeover. The photos are phenomenal

May 17, 2009

More Puppy Pictures!

The puppies are now six weeks old and are SO BIG we can barely pick them up! We took our families to go visit them today and it was such a joy! We still don't know which one is ours, but we would take any of them in a second!

The puppies hiding from the sun.

Tuckered out.

Dan attempting to pick up one of the puppies, the puppies do not like being picked up.

Mama Country.

Feeding time!

Messing around (this cannot happen with Toby).

We Did It!

...and by "we did it" I mean we successfully did not fall asleep during graduation. It was so boring and long. Don't be sad if you could not make it to graduation, we videotaped the most important 30 second parts:

Here are some pictures:

My Family

Dan's Gradnparents

Dan's Parents

May 15, 2009

A "Here Comes the Bride" I Can Handle

I keep youtubing "Here Comes the Bride" to see if there is a version out there that doesn't make me want to puke. I came across this video...and I want to do it...

May 14, 2009

Puppies Five Week Pictures

Five week photos of our precious little puppies are up on Silverwood's website. Click HERE and scroll down a little.


Ask anybody in Spokane, there are two main places to get your wedding cake: American Dessert or Happy Cakes (DUN dun dun...rival cakes!)

American Desserts is supposed to be the best, but the most expensive. Happy Cakes is supposed to be really good, and cheaper.

I'm on a budget. I went for good and cheap.

When we walked into Happy Cakes it was buzzing with people ordering and looking at cakes. Dan and I waited a good 20 minutes before we got a chance to look at the books, but we immediately knew the cake we wanted. It was modern and fun. We ordered it with a white cake, red piping, chocolate dipped strawberries, raspberry filling, and a chocolate ribbon rippling down the edge.

Diana, the owner, is one honest women. When Dan said he wanted a funny topper she looked him square in the eye and said "you will not ruin my cake." When we told her what we wanted she got excited "I have never done a cake like that before!" she exclaimed.

On the way out she gave us a sample of our cake. "Go home, eat it, and call me. Because you will love it. You will love it and want me to do your cake."

And we did.

Check out a sneak peek of the inspiration for our cake HERE.
Check out Happy Cakes website HERE.

For The Record

Dan came home and has worked his ass off. Our apartment is so clean right now you could eat off the floor. It wont last long, so I am going to relish it.


So it happened last night. The dreaded pre-wedding nightmares that I hear about. I was hoping I could fend them off for at least another week, but I was just so exhausted when I went to bed and my mind was still whirling with all I had to do. It started as just one of those manic dreams about budget. I woke up like 20 times thinking about nonsense budget items. THEN I had the WORST DREAM EVER!

I have been having huge anxiety about deciding the music for the ceremony. When I think of walking down the aisle to "Here Comes the Bride" I feel that little spot in between my shoulders tense up because I HATE that song. In the dream, the DJ defied my request for him not to play "Here Comes the Bride" and the second I walked out he PLAYED IT. I, of course, threw down my bouquet in utter rage, ran down the aisle toward the DJ, and attacked him.

Literally attacked him.

I woke up just PISSED. Then, when I came to, I thought "Crap. I am having crazy wedding dreams now. This is awful."

Now Dan and I are in the midst of a huge apartment overhaul. I have not cleaned in WEEKS because I knew this day was coming. The day where we turn our apartment upside down to make it suitable for visitors. And by me saying "Dan and I" I mean me. Because I definitely asked Dan to keep Thursday open for all-day cleaning and he definitely just left for a hearing he conveniently forgot he had.


Maybe someone else is going to get attacked when they come home. And this one WONT be a dream.

May 13, 2009

Moving Annoucements I Love

OMG- how cute are THESE moving announcements? They run about $1000 for 250 cards...which means if I bought 250 of these for every single time I moved for the last 3 years I would have spent $7000. You do the math.

Found on Oh So Beautiful Paper and Elizabeth Anne Designs

Melissa's Wedding Guide: Hire a Wedding Planner

Ohhhhh man.

Nobody warned me that the last two weeks of wedding planning was so freaking crazy. I literally have not had a moment to breath (or to do any sufficient blogging).

I have decided over the next ten days I am going to highlight some of the vendors that I have loved or have not have loved, as well as give some helpful hints to future brides.

Tip #1: Hire a Wedding Planner

I kid, I kid (No seriously, do it. Or be prepared to kill yourself in the final two weeks.)

May 12, 2009

Another Bookshelf

I don't know why I have such an affinity for bookshelves recently. Oh wait yes I do. Probably because SOMEONE who I may-or-may-not live with REFUSES to sell any of his law school books DESPITE THE FACT THAT I COULD SELL THEM FOR MONEY ON AMAZON!

So now we have a ton of books just sitting around. And I want a place to put them that isn't a $20 Wal-mart bookshelf. I love these bookshelves by Pagina featured today on Design Milk.

May 11, 2009

Our Little Volcano

Toby loves my Grandma's blanket so much that instead of cuddling with us on the couch he decided he would rather envelop himself into this blanket on the futon.

It is the cutest thing I've ever seen.


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