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March 31, 2009

Need Running Tips

I don't know why, but running has always kicked my ass. I can be on an elliptical for and hour and a half at a level 9 no problem, but ask me to run for like a half hour and I'm dead. I have always really enjoyed running though, and every time I get back into it I seem to injure myself. Right now I'm trying to run 3-4 times a week. So far I am only up to 4 miles, which is totally weak. Its especially weak since I have to run 7.something miles for Bloomsday in like a month and I'm terrified I'm not going to be ready. I KNOW some of you who read this blog are advid runners, and I need helpful training tips. How fast should I be running and how often? What's a reasonable increase in milage per week?

Please leave all helpful tips in the comments. I beg of you.

King of the Blanket

Toby is ridiculous. My grandmother gave me this beautiful down blanket for Christmas and I love it. Apparently Toby does too. He has claimed it as his own and acts like YOU are the jerk when you take it for your own personal use. He apparently has now also claimed the channel changer as well. Nothing in this house is mine anymore.


So I have been generally pretty grumpy recently. Okay, grumpy might be a huge understatement. I have been a huge heinous bitch recently. I fully recognize this fact and have tried to rectify the situation numerous times, only to be thwarted by another thing pissing me off and spiraling me back into heinous grumpy bitch-dom.

I haven't smiled in like...I don't know...days. But today I opened my inbox and found this wonderful letter:

Dear Beloved in Christ,

I am Mrs Mary Parker,suffering from cancerous ailment.I was married to
Mr.Robert Parker,my husband worked with Chevron/Texaco in the United
Kingdom for twenty years before he died in the year 2003. My late husband
deposited the sum of £ 17.5 Million (Seventeen Million Five Hundred
Thousand Pounds) with a Bank in United Kingdom.Recently,my Doctor told me
that I have limited days to live due to the stroke and cancerous problems
I am suffering from.

I have decided to donate this fund to you and want you to use my husbands
effort to fund the upkeep of widows and charities worldwide.I took this
decision because I do not have any child that will inherit this money and
my husband relatives are bourgeois and very wealthy persons and I do not
want my husband hard earned money to be misused.Awaiting your urgent reply
via my email.address:

With God all things are possible.

Your Sister in Christ,
Mrs. Mary Parker

OH MY! I have been praying to God every night for a rich women in the UK to deposit 17.5 million dollars into my account! She must have traced my ancient English bourgeoisie roots and discovered that I am the chosen one for her husbands millions! Thank you Mrs. Mary Parker!

Okay so I'm not DAFT. I recognize this is a chain letter likely purported by a Nigerian man in a run down computer lab in Africa. But major creativity props. Totally made me smile. Well done.

I'm now reporting you to a federal agency.

March 29, 2009

A Little Bit Country....

Today Dan and I ventured to the other side of the world to check out THIS German Shepard breeder. We have wanted another dog for awhile, and finally decided we wanted to get a German Shepard. We decided on a German Shepard because they are our (cough my) favorite breed of dog, because they are so family friendly, and have the side bonus of the fact that they could totally eat you if you broke into our house.

We met Country, an absolutely beautiful girl who is due with puppies in 4 days. I instantly fell in love with her and would have adopted her on the spot. The women who owns the dogs is obviously a great breeder with a real passion for German Shepards, so we are excited to buy from her.

Nothing is for sure yet- it depends on how many puppies Country has, but everyone pray she has her normal number of puppies! Check out pictures of the litters HERE.

I have to be honest, even though I had a German Shepard as a kid...they were way bigger then I remember them being. Probably because I am so used to my little rat dog. I have been a little wary about getting such a big dog with Toby, but the breeder assured me that Germans are really good with small breeds. I of course had to do my own research, so I went to youtube and searched "German Shepard Attacks Yorkie." Instead I found these ridiculous cute videos of the two breeds playing.

Check them out below, they are sure to make you smile.

But my favorite is this video of a Yorkie totally dominating this German Shepard through the fence.

I will update and let you know if we get a puppy!!


1. Love, Sex, and Magic- Ciara
2. Let it Rock- Kevin Rudolf
3. Thinking of You- Katie Perry
4. Then- Brad Paisley
5. Love Who You Love- Rascal Flatts

March 28, 2009

All My New York Friends Must See This

Good News: Westside Story is back in NYC! It opened March 19th and here's a taste.

My name is ME-LIS-SA

For the record, this blog is not about work. This blog is about something much BIGGER.

So two days ago I returned a call from a defense attorney. It went something like this,

"Hello, Lawyer Y's office"

"Hello. This is Melissa calling in reference to the message you left me regarding client X."

"Ah yes. Blah blah blah"

"Blah blah blah?"

"Blah blah."

"Okay great, I will see you tomorrow then."

"See you then. Thanks Mel."

I hung up the phone and sat there in shock. Did she really just call me Mel? Like we were old school friends going to get a beer? And is Mel really that commonplace to call a Melissa that you would automatically shorten it like you would Benjamin to Ben or even Danial to Dan?

I was super irritated by it for some reason. I mean tons of people call me Mel, but only people...I don't know....I'VE MET BEFORE. And quite frankly "Mel" makes me think of an overweight man flipping burgers in the back of McDonalds. Just like "Missy" make me think of a French Poodle on a pillow getting her nails done. I have never been fond of either nickname.

I proceeded to ask everybody in a twelve foot radius around me whether that was appropriate or not.

Before I even had a chance to come to a consensus the phone rang again. This time it was Witness Q.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hi. I'm looking for Mel."


"Yes. Mel ."

"Oh. YOU MEAN MELISSA . That would be me. How can I help you?"

March 26, 2009


I haven't eaten sugar in weeks. WEEKS! Its all part of my bootcamp. No sugar. But two days ago I ran five miles, tore something in my leg....and now I'm pissed. Damn it all to hell. I am baking cookies.


I haven't blogged in awhile, primarily for two reason. Number one, I have a million papers to write before the end of the semester and I feel guilty about writing blog posts over international human rights diatribes. The end result is that neither my paper is written, nor my blog post. I am pleased to report that lots of wine has been drank in contemplation of both of these things getting completed, however.

Second is because I have become quite the Eeyore lately. I fully blame the end of school and this shitty Spokane weather for my foul mood. I alluded to this yesterday on Twitter, but I literally had a cloud following me around yesterday. Just like Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh. I left my house in Latah Valley in the morning, and literally thought to myself "It is such a beautiful day!" I didn't even bring a jacket.

By the time I got two miles to work there was a cloud that rained on me the entire walk from the parking lot to the office. While in the office the skies opened and the sun shined. I walked out of my office and rained. I walked into court: sunny. Out of court: snow. I'm not kidding. I have absolutely no freaking idea what I did to upset mother nature, I seriously have not littered in years.

I also have absolutely no patience for school and work. I have reached the point in the year where if people are rude to me I literally will eat you for dinner. I am not kidding. I will not take it anymore, I will snap on you. I have no tolerance for it anymore. If I could stay in bed all day and read trashy novels I would- but I can't. Hence if you give me even the slightest reason, I will take out all my frustrations on you.

Speaking of laying in bed reading trashy novels, I am reading "Can You Keep a Secret?" by Sophie Kinsella and it is fabulous. I haven't read trashy Chick Lit since I started law school. Literally. I don't READ anymore- at least nothing other then case books. My brother flew up last weekend and we were in a bookstore when I realized that my life has completely gotten out of hand. I no longer do things I enjoy, like reading trashy chick lit novels, because I am too busy reading about Hamdi v. Rumsfeld. LAW SCHOOL HAS STOLEN MY LIFE!!! In a symbolic effort I proceeded to buy this book (who is the author of the Shopaholic series) and lay in bed and just READ. It was glorious.

Now that I am graduating I am slowly going to make and effort to regain my life. Starting with trashy novels. Next will be reality television.

I can't wait.

March 25, 2009

Bet This Will Make You Smile

Oh wow....

Remember Pharell? From the Neptunes? Well he was in Paris this past weekend and was desperately trying to get a McDonalds to make him some food even though they were closed. He even put on a little performance...which is quite frankly the best thing I have seen all week. Bet you can't watch the whole thing without smiling. Just a little. Those French are cold.

March 22, 2009


Oh wow- to have THIS would make me so happy...

March 20, 2009

Twitter Try Deux

I'm trying to Twitter again. I feel like all self respecting bloggers twitter. Hence the gadget on the side of the toolbar again.

March 19, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy #4: March Madness

I haven't done one of these type of posts in awhile- but I was prompted to write about it when I was woken up this morning by Dan screaming "HAPPY MARCH MADNESS!!!"

I didn't even get a "HAPPY CHRISTMAS!" on Christmas morning!

I love March Madness. However, lets make a few things clear. When I say I like March Madness I am met with skeptical eyes. As a girl who enjoys basketball, I am placed either in the "poser" category, or the "junkie" category.

I am not a poser. I know the teams, I watch the games. I know who is good. When I was in my little apartment in NY I would watch games on my twelve inch TV regularly. By myself. My bracket beat Dan's last year (and I tell EVERYBODY who will listen). I don't root for mascots. Or colors.

I am also not a junkie. I don't know all the coaches. I don't know all the players who aren't on my favorite teams. I root against any team coming out of Utah even if they are good. I think Ira Brown looks like 50 cent and that a good team strategy would be to put him in the game to scare people. I don't remember plays. I don't even remember the names of all the teams Gonzaga lost to this year.

So I'm in the proverbial "zone of twilight." But that doesn't mean I don't love me some March Madness. I love rooting for the underdog. I love hoping that Gonzaga goes far into the tournament this year. I love watching the games and rooting for my bracket. I am really pissed Davidson didn't make the tournament (Portland State is my Davidson this year). I REALLY hope my DUI docket is empty tonight so I'm not late for the game.

Lets go Zags!

March 18, 2009

My Wedding Planning Motto


Freak Hail

Recently we have been experiencing freak hailstorms every night. I was getting out of my car the other night when I got to experience the sky literally open up and begin pelting me with mini ping pong balls. I'm not sure what the universe was trying to tell me- but it certainly got my attention.

Even Obama Likes Gonzaga

Check out Obama's bracket picks HERE

March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Okay I am not going to lie. I don't understand what the big Saint Patrick Day hoopla is all about. Its like once a year we all get forced to wear an ugly color, which if we don't wear we are incessantly pinched all day, and we have to put up with everybody on the face of the planet pretending they are Irish. I mean really, I had someone today with the last name so Italian it might as well have been Romano try to convince me they were Irish.

On an entirely different note- I was google reading today when I came across Melissa Jill's photography blog with a very captivating post from Photogirls 2008. The retreat looked very fun, but I was more captivated by their cute beach house. How confey was that living room? I need a vacation...again. Check it out HERE.

March 15, 2009

All I Ever Wanted

One of my favorite birthday presents this year was from Kelly Clarkson, who decided to release her new album the day before my birthday- just in time for my 8 hour plane ride. It was very kind of her. Since that time my ipod has been permanently glued to my ears at full volume. Having new music has also been helpful since I am now in total boot camp mode and going to the gym regularly. Let the training begin!

March 11, 2009

Washington D.C. Part 2

I did not know it was even POSSIBLE to be this tired. We woke up this morning at 4:30 AM to catch our 6 AM flight home. This is approximately midnight Spokane time. We then flew for 8 hours to arrive home at 10:30 AM. Needless to say, it has been a long day.

Nevertheless our trip to D.C. was amazing. Despite the fact that we were THIS CLOSE to nationals, I think we were all really proud with Gonzaga's performance and felt like our weeks of late night practices really paid off.

After the tournament Dan and I stayed a few extra days to check out the sites. Dan's parents flew in for the weekend, and Dan's sister lives in D.C. - so our first order of business was to head down to Woodbridge to see their old house and get some famous cheese fries at Glory Days. While they were very good, I would say that the amazing Dallas cheese fries who claimed to have INVENTED THEM give them a run for their money. Still, worth the drive for sure. Plus it was fun to see where Dan grew up.

Dan and I on the metro. Photo courtesy of Dan's Mom.

The next day I forced Dan's family to go see all the monuments again despite the fact that they had all seen them a hundred times during their years living in D.C. Here are some pics:

I love visiting D.C. more then most big cities because I think that the sites are just breathtaking to visit over and over again. I had been to D.C. twice before, but the Lincoln Memorial never disappoints. Plus it brings back fond memories of my childhood debauchery- like the time Maria and I ventured away from our nighttime tour group and ended up making the bus wait for an hour while our tour guide frantically searched for us and my Jr. High teacher had a panic attack. Good times.

Since we are law school dorks- we obviously had to hit up the Supreme Court. This trip had a lot of meaning since its our last year of law school.

Dan on the steps of his dream job.

Dan with his mentor- Chief Justice Marshall.

Since I repeated this line fourteen bazillion times during oral arguments, I obviously had to take a picture. Ironically I understand it more now then I ever did in Con Law I.

The Warren Court. No women. Sexist.

A view of my future job from Dan's future job.

The next day we went to the National Zoo where Dan showed me where he used to work in the reptile house. Okay, here are a couple of noteworthy things. Number one, never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate to ever marry someone who is such a reptile enthusiast - and it is a testament to how much I love this man because I have spent HOURS of my life looking at snakes and lizards in various zoos around the country. On this particular visit Dan approached an employee at the zoo who then felt the need to accost me with the snake she was holding despite the fact that I backed away and said "DO NOT COME NEAR ME WITH THAT SNAKE!"

It was at this moment I that I had an epiphany.

I am 25 years old and I no longer care to be peer pressured. When I don't want to do something, I am not going to do it. I have had enough life experience to know I do not like roller coasters. Going on a million roller coasters is not going to change that. I do not like meatloaf. I don't care how good you claim your meatloaf is, meatloaf tastes like poo. And I don't like touching snakes. I find no joy in it. I do not discover my buried internal love for snakes. I don't like it- I don't want to do it. Just say no to roller coasters, meatloaf, and snakes.

But of course this women shoved the snake in my face enough to get me to touch its back and which point I said "gross" just to emphasize my disdain, to which she acted like I had just defiled her first born.

I did not take any pictures of the snakes. But I did take copious pictures of the pandas because they are just so damn cute and I have never seen one before. I swear their cuteness is magnetic. Dan had to stop me from jumping in the pen and cuddling with them.

Later that night we met up with my older Seton Sister Megan, her husband Mike, and her beautiful son Ben for dinner at Old Ebbitt Grill. Every president since Lincoln has eaten there, and you better believe I had my heart set on eating across from Obama. It was amazing food and a great atmosphere- yet no signs of Obama. Hence we said sianarah to D.C. by dropping by his house....

Me, Megan, and Ben

March 9, 2009

Washington D.C. Part 1

We are currently sitting in Washington D.C. watching the WCC finals- but I wanted to quickly check in and let people know I am still alive and fully intend on blogging about all my travel adventures shortly. D.C. has been quite the whirlwind. Obviously we were here for NAAC and I'm proud to report Gonzaga represented quite well. Our team was ranked third in the tournament going into the semi finals, where we lost to UVA by one point and a split ballot. We got fifth best brief and Dan got fourth best oralist. Pretty impressive considering how almost all the schools in the DC region were in the top twenty law schools in the country.

I am going going to lie, I am thrilled that NAAC is over and I have my life back. We spent today sightseeting and I have some great pictures that I'm saving for a longer post later. Here are some teasers. Expect a longer post later, including a detailed analysis regarding why Marriot Hotels are the worst hotel chain in the country.

No seriously.

March 1, 2009

Dumb, Stupid Idea

I am a little bit of a perfectionist, which is why after months of searching I determined that nobody could possibly make my wedding invitation the way I wanted them so I would be making them myself.



I do not have time to do this. I am in my third year of law school. I am working thirty hours a week- and I think I have time to be CRAFTY? Idiot.

I had the best of intentions of having them done before I left for Seattle and DC this week but that is obviously not happening. I frantically tried to spend the day cutting over 400 little cards while attempting to get my life in order- and I got was a half packed suitecase and a VERY swollen knuckle from cutting with the sissors. I'm not kidding. I can barely bend it.

But the worst part is I'm not even done with that project before I am fantasizing about another.

Check out these AWESOME paper roses:



and HERE


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