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December 4, 2009

Poinsettia Love and Weekend Links!

The other day I came home to a beautiful Poinsettia sitting on my kitchen table. I think Dan gets major props for remembering that a year ago I mentioned that I wanted a Poinsettia for Christmas because I think they are so beautiful. Little did I know that this little plant would turn into an obsession. You see, I don't do very well with plants. Plants pretty much die in my care because I love them to death. Too much water, too much plant food, too much sun. I am attempting not to love this little Poinsettia to death but if yesterday was any indication things are not looking good. The directions said that it had to be in direct sunlight so I spent the entire day running around the house moving the plant to more sun. Now its looking a little, shall we say, sunburnt? Hmmm.

Without further ado, here are your weekend links!

-The girls over at Bon Bon Rose did a great montage of the use of ruffles in winter fashion. (Bon Bon Rose Girls).

-I NEED THIS SWEATER! (Melissa Jill Photography). And in case you didn't know how much I adore Melissa Jill's photos, check out this wedding. Breathtaking.

-Amy over at Playing House had some great recipes, my favorite were the sweet ones, as always. Check out these Cannolis and Nanaimo Bars.

-Need some adorable to round out your Friday? Check out this little Yorkie (Toby is cuter, but this one is a close second) or these shocked birds. (Cute Overload).

-Rachel did a montage of some beautiful stair runners. Who would have thought I would ogle over stair runners? (Girl Learning Along the Way).

-I subscribe to a blog called The Big Picture that always has amazing photos daily, but THIS one blew my mind.

-Too bad these statement rings don't come in a wine version. (CoCo Perez).

-People can say whatever they want, but I thought Rihanna's dress on the red carpet of the AMA's was INSPIRED!...even if her performance that night wasn't. (CoCo Perez).

-Rachel over at Observations of a Token Yankee posted a Chicken Fiesta Bake that looks so so so yummy.

-My Life In Transition is one of my favorite blogs. She has been meticulously blogging about every detail of her pregnancy (as you can see via her weekly belly shots)...but what I have loved reading about the most is her nursery which is simply INSPIRED and so colorful.

I hope everybody has a great weekend- the video this week is my favorite holiday song, or rather, Winter Song by Sara Bareillas and Ingrid Michaelson. Check out the adorable video HERE.



Maureen said...

heres another fun link for you :

Gina said...

Small world - I was checking out "My Life in Transition" and I saw she went to Saint Louis University in MIssouri and studied abroad over here with us at one point!


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