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October 13, 2009

Over the Top Award!

CJR over at Girl v The World (also check out her new blog Busy Bookworm Reviews!) bestowed upon Duoly Noted the Over The Top Award. The rules to accept the award is to answer the following questions and nominate six other bloggers below...

  1. Where is your cell phone: Charging, because my charger died a couple weeks ago and I have been two lazy to buy a new one so I have to charge it on Dan's during the day....hence also why I never hear my phone.
  2. Your hair: A curly mess from yesterday, in a ponytail, because I haven't taken a shower (but in fairness it is 7AM and I'm contemplating going to the gym).
  3. Your mother: is far away and my shopping buddy
  4. Your father: is so far away too, and always makes me laugh
  5. Your favorite food: My Mom's homemade chicken noodle soup
  6. Your dream from last night: I had a dream that I was covered in ants who were climbing in from the open window and I jumped out of bed and started beating the sheets with my fist before I realized it was a dream.
  7. Your favorite drink: wine and coffee (duh).
  8. Your dream/goal: There are lots, but as long as I wake up not dreading the day I am on the right track.
  9. What room are you in: office AKA dining room
  10. What is your hobby: I need to get a that lasts for more then a week... I am kind of fickle. I get really into something, complete it, and then need a change.
  11. What is your fear: never paying off my student loans (amen sister!)
  12. Where do you want to be in 6 years: In Boise, a successful attorney, financially secure, and in a custom designed house.
  13. Where were you last night: Walking the dogs and at the at the house- oh the crazy life I lead...
  14. Something you are not: Patient. Ever.
  15. Muffins: Are good if they also involve chocolate. No chocolate? Eh, not so much.
  16. Wish list items: Uh, I need a new wardrobe. Badly.
  17. Where did you grow up: Idaho
  18. Last thing you did: Make coffee
  19. What are you wearing: sweatpants, a kennel club shirt, and glasses. It is super hot.
  20. Your TV: Is not an HD flat screen, which I reminded of every day by Dan.
  21. Your pets: Two dogs who are all the children I ever want
  22. Your friends: Supportive
  23. Your life: Blessed, but right now kind of boring.
  24. Your mood: Stable, for the moment. You can thank the coffee.
  25. Missing someone: My family and friends
  26. Vehicle: Pontiac Grand Am with a drivers side window that wont roll down but it IS the color red and it does have a I am content.
  27. Something you're not wearing: Shorts, I think that season has passed.
  28. Your favorite store: Macys, primarily for the brand International Concepts (INC) which has single handily consumed my entire wardrobe.
  29. Your favorite color: Uh, red. Redredrederedred.
  30. When's the last time you laughed: Well, since I haven't actually opened my mouth this morning probably last night.
  31. When's the last time you cried: Monday, seeing Oprah. (tear).
  32. Your best friend: Amazing
  33. One place you go over and over: WALMART! BLAH! I HATE GOING TO WALMART!
  34. One person who emails me regularly: I am really lucky because all my friends are super good at emailing.
  35. Favorite place to eat: While I'd normally say sushi, it probably would be the Spaghetti Factory which should NOT be confused with Spaghetti Warehouse because they are totally different (Spaghetti Warehouse does not have Mizithra).
Here are my 6 choices for this lovely award:

Jen- Side Order of Life
Cait- Gallavant
Tinkler- Unshelved Insights
Ashley- Rainy City Style
Michelle- Things I Said and Meant To Say
Maureen- Things Tony Says and Does (since the Photography Blog might not cater to this kind of post).



Michelle said...

YAY thanks Melissa! So excited!

Maureen said...

haha awesome, we are totally going to do something with this on things tony says and does :)

tinkler said...

holycrap! its my first award ever!


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