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October 16, 2009

Security System


I'm going to preface this post with an apology for rambling. I am not feeling awesome and I am having problems writing coherent sentences.

I have complained before about the Morning Routine in this household (but wow, looking back on that post I must have been seriously PMSing while writing it). The start to this morning was no different then a typical day. Dan wakes up at 4 AM, dogs bark, I wake up, want to kill myself, I go back to sleep. I hear the garage door go up and down which means that Dan has taken Kadira on a walk. I then hear sirens, I think "I hope everything is okay," but we live next to a busy street so hearing sirens is not that ALARMING (hahahahaha). I fall back asleep.

Dan comes in to tell me goodbye and I am OUT. He is trying to have a conversation with me I'm like "What? Huh? Who?" (head falls back into pillow).

He then calls me later this morning. I answer "What? Huh? Who?"


"No!" I lie say.

"So Kadira got a short walk this morning."

"Why? Is she okay?"

So this morning Dan was walking Kadira at around 4:30 when he hears sirens and a giant police SUV with headlights comes around the corner. The pull alongside Dan and ask whether he has seen a man in a hooded sweater who looks just like him. Dan is kind of like "huh?" but says no and the cop tells him he might want to go home because a group of people tried to break open the ATM down the street and one of them got away and they were sending out the canine unit (Kadira was thrilled).

So they come home and Dan says that literally something went down behind our house because dogs were barking and there was police and Kadira went nuts.

Okay, this story would probably be way better if I hadn't slept through it.

Which brings me to my next point- Dan and I are currently in a battle over which is better security: Owning a German Shepard or having an alarm system. My vote is for both, but Dan says that owning a German Shepard is all we need- thoughts?

In other news Kadira graduates from puppy school on Saturday. She has got SO MUCH BETTER in the last few weeks its unbelievable. I think in part due to the puppy school but mostly due to the fact that we bought a water bottle. I do not know why we didn't think of it sooner because it has changed our lives. Every time Kadira jumps on us we spray her in the face with the water bottle. They key is to put it on a midst setting instead of a stream setting. She does not like the water bottle at all (for obvious reasons). So if we leave it unattended it is likely to go up missing and die. This is the last one that she killed by puncturing it with her teeth.

So we have to be a little more vigilant in where we leave the water bottle.

I don't have a ton of links for my Weekend Links this week, so I am going to hold off and combine them with next week.

Have a great weekend everybody!



CJR said...

Yikes. Well, I'm kind of a paranoid freak (I have reasons, but its a long story) so I would opt for both the scary dog and the scary (loud) alarm system. You can never be too careful, I say.

tootie said...

I think you have the cutest guard dog! And I think if you would sleep better (literally) with an alarm system, then go for it.


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