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October 30, 2009

Halloween Weekend Links

I apologize that that weekend links are coming so late in the day- and that there are not a ton. I blame this hectic week and the traveling. But the ones I do link are certainly quality!

-I really enjoyed Rachel's feature on lamps with black shades. I need to change out the lamps in our bedroom, and I think I might go with something like what she featured! (Girl Learning Along the Way).

-This Halloween decorated cookies make my stomach growl. (Sweetopia).

-So Ivanka Trump got married last weekend, and personally I have a secret love affair with Ivanka Trump because I think she's kind of the ideal women. Beautiful, smart, classy...nothing like her father. But the reason for this link is because DEAR GOD HER WEDDING DRESS WAS BEAUTIFUL. (People).

-Beautiful wedding photos and one hell of a ring, not to mention a very unique location. Creative weddings make me giddy. (Susan Stripling Photography).

-This dog duvet is amazing. You literally stuff it with old clothes, a fabulous idea and will surely be our next purchase once Kadira wears out her current doggie duvet. (Dooce).

I swear, I don't plan on Taylor Swift being the subject of the Video of the Week for what seems like every week...but this one was just too funny to pass up. Plus I love Ellen's Halloween costume.

(and remember to email me if you want to be a part of the recipe exchange below- deadline is Sunday!)



Shaina said...

That Taylor Swift/Ellen clip is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! I just love Taylor Swift...she seems so...normal.

Kristin said...

I can't get over how gorg Ivanka was. That dress was perfection. I want to have another wedding so I can rock a lace confection like that!


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