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October 20, 2009



Remember my beautiful fireplace? It no longer looks like this anymore...

A little over a week ago I was laying on the couch watching Oprah with Toby when from behind the television a wasp dropped down from the window blinds. I, in accordance with my Melissaphobic self, had a mild panic attack and locked myself in a room upstairs until Dan came home to kill it. I have killed cockroaches and moths and giant spiders by myself in the house, but I draw the line at wasps/bees/hornets what have you. No way, no how. I am not going near them.

Then, this weekend Dan and I were once again in the living room when we see a hornet skimming the air all the way up to the highest window in our house. I locked myself in the bedroom and yelled to Dan that if he wanted to see me for the rest of the weekend he would figure out a way to lure the hornet down and kill it in the most painful manner possible.

About a half hour later I am on the phone and Dan storms in with no shirt gasping for breath. I am like "What the hell is wrong with you?" and he is like "They are everywhere. Like eight hornets all of a sudden decided to attack me. I am going for bug spray."

The next thing I know Dan is running around the house spraying deathly bug spray everywhere. At one point he busts into the room I am hiding in, slams open the window, and is scaling the roof of our house up to the chimney to spray bug spray down it. Pretty sure we can never use our chimney again. Good news, fairly certain Dan killed all the hornets.

When I was informed that the coast was clear I came downstairs to assess the damage. After careful analysis we decided that the hornets had to be coming in from a nest in the fireplace. This meant we had to put something over the beautiful fireplace to stop them from coming in. It now looks like this:

When we were done I looked at it in disgust, but Dan was like "I think it looks kind of good!" At which point I had to walk away because living in a house is way more work then I ever expected.



CJR said...

Oh hell no. I suggest building a roaring fire in the fireplace at your earliest opportunity and burning those suckers to kingdom come.

Or calling the bug guy. But burning sounds like more fun.

Michelle said...

You should've used red tape to cover the plywood on the fireplace ;)

OH speaking of that, the theme for the set design of the show I'm directing, white and black! Haha I'm sure you'll appreciate when I post pictures from it!

Rachel said...

Oooh, yeah.... I'd call an exterminator! Scary!!

I think the dynamic between your dogs is that the German Shephard is still so young and your Yorkie is older. Our younger dogs sometimes pick on our older ones too! They just want to play, and usually the older dogs want nothing to do with it. All you can do is wait for them to grow out of it and make sure that the younger one gets plenty of exercise!!
We're lucky because we have 2 younger ones, so they play together most of the time. But the 9 year old schnauzer likes to play with them sometimes, too!

I love German Shephards! They are such cool dogs! Does yours still think she's a small dog?? Rascal (our big dog) does.

Rachel said...

They do grow out of it... and honestly, when Rascal - our big dog - met my little dogs, he was 11!! So, Kadira probably would have thought she was a little dog anyways. But she'll calm down some in the next year or so.

We have:
Rascal - turns 15 this month
Riley - turns 12 this month
Murphy - turned 9 in May
JJ - turns 3 this month
Charlie - turned 1 in May

Rascal is a 70 pound Black Lab/German Shephard mix - he was Chris' dog, Riley and Murphy are both Miniature Schnauzers - they were mine, JJ is a chihuahua mix we found at a truck stop outside of Abilene, and Charlie is a Lhasa-Poo who we adopted after fostering for the Humane Society (and who they forgot we had!). Quite a mix!

I'm sure in a few years we'll only have 2 to 3 dogs. Even though I love them all - I don't want to have 5 dogs forever!! It's crazy sometimes, and sometimes very frustrating. But I figure it's great practice for kids! ;-)

Rachel said...

Oh no, that stinks. I think it's funny your husband liked it with the tape? Aren't men amusing?

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

That is too funny and soooo something that would happen at my house! I am TERRIFIED of anything that flies. Bees, wasps, hornets, heck even the birds that fly to close to me on our porch!


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