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September 13, 2009

Simple Pillowcases


This past week I embarked into the sewing world for the first time since I was about twelve years old. My current project is to conduct a master bed makeover. Two weeks ago I found a great bedskirt at Bed Bath & Beyond, but it was black and was a stark contrast to my red duvet. Thus I decided that the bed needed new, black pillowcases to bring the two colors together. These were very simple pillowcases. Avid sewers will find my adventures laughable, but if you are not an avid sewer here is how I made them (and trust me, if I can do it so can you.)

STEP ONE: Gather Supplies. I decided to go solo and not use a pattern because the concept was so incredibly simple. I wanted to make three pillowcases. I bought 5 yards of solid black fabric (way too much) and 1.5 yards of the accent fabric which was black with gray highlights. This was my concept:

STEP TWO: Get your sewing machine ready. I am borrowing a sewing machine from a friend and literally have not touched a sewing machine in forever. I had some major problems trying to remember how to wind the bobbin and where to wind all the thread. I must say that youtube is the best invention for all beginning sewers. I would google my brand of sewing machine and what I wanted to do and there inevitably was a video guiding my way.

STEP THREE: Wash and Dry the fabric on the same setting you will wash your pillowcases.


STEP FOUR: Cut 2 squares of 21 x 27 inch black fabric and 2 squares of 21 x 8.5 inch fabric (makes only one pillowcase).

STEP FIVE: Fold the accent fabric in half with the backside on the outside. Sew the sides shut and flip it inside out (or in this case outside in). Iron so that the seams are flat.

STEP SIX: Sew the open end of the accent fabric to the 21 inch end of the black fabric.

STEP SEVEN: Repeat steps five and six for the second side of the pillow. Pin the two sides together with the inside facing outside. Sew all three edges except the accent side together.

STEP EIGHT: Flip right side out and you have your pillow case!

My next big project is to make pillow covers for the King pillows. I need to find a pattern I like that is simple but more decorative then these. Any suggestions?



lostgirlinthelittlecity said...

They look great!

I don't know if I could take on such a visible project, (mine would definitely be lopsided and sloppy) but you did a great job.

Makes me want to start sewing again!

Maureen said...

Great job!!


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