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September 9, 2009

Please Excuse The Overuse of "( )" In This Post

Um. You know it is not going to be a good day when you wake up and the microwave is not working. For most people this is not such a big issue (at least not in the morning) but for me it RUINS MY DAY. You see, Dan always makes coffee for both of us in the morning and leaves it warming on the pot. He leaves for work, and I decide at what point I am willing to face the day. Most mornings it is around 7:30 (primarily because I love morning television) but today it was nine (because I was having a particularly great dream where I was winning Super Market Sweeps). The coffee is now cold. Normally, I would just heat it up in the microwave, but the microwave decided to commit suicide overnight. It is one of those microwaves that is physically inserted into the wall, so I have ran around the entire house hoping it was just the circuit breaker- but I cannot find it. Now I am drinking cold coffee. Because I am way too lazy to make a new pot, but I still need my morning coffee fix.

I have decided my new coping mechanism for not having a job is to engage in detailed to-do lists each day where I get massive things accomplished, no matter how meaningless the task. The concept is to get everything done that I have always wanted to do while working or in school. Things such as reorganize my entire filing system (check). Clean my house so that you could eat off the floor (check...most days). Finish that crotchet blanket I started a year ago (I'm making good progress). Learn to sew and cook (This one obviously is as punishment so I find a job quicker).

This week's craft goal was to make curtains for the living room, but when I went into JoAnn Fabric I immediately walked right back out. SEWING IS HARD. All the fabric options was overwhelming, and I did not know exactly how much fabric I needed which required me to do math in the store which is never a good thing. I then went home and regrouped. I decided that curtains were too adventurous for my first project. I needed to warm up. I decided to give our master bed a makeover. I bought a bed skirt this weekend and now it needs black pillowcases. So yesterday I went to the store and bought massive quantities of black fabric and spent THREE HOURS last night setting up this sewing machine (there will for sure be a later post on how ASININE it is to have to loop the thread through five hundred little things before threading it through the stupid needle.)

I was gong to buy a pattern, but I think I can do it on my own. I will update you on my progress I must watch The View because Meghan McCain is guest hosting (and yes, "watch The View" is on my to-do list).



Maureen said...

Oooh sewing is a great project for you! Let me know if you need help with pillowcases. I suggest you just do the kind where they overlap in the back and there's just a slit. No need for zippers at this point. It's pretty easy and I'm sure you can do it, but let me know if you want help.
By the way, curtains are probably even easier than pillowcases! The only bad thing about curtains is that it's a ton of fabric and you actually have to make straight lines. But curtains were like my first sewing project, so I'm confident you can do that.

Themis0307 said...

Haha. Sewing IS hard. I like to wing it. Usually, it turns out fine. Sometimes, though, it's a tragedy and I've wasted good fabric. Dammit. Live and learn, eh?

Oh, and next time, maybe you can put some ice cubes and a bit of cream and sugar into your coffee and make an iced coffee! Yum!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh best pillowcase pattern EVER is on Super easy to follow instructions--they were the first ones I made and they're super cute. And free!

Melissa said...

Maureen- Yes I need help with fancier pillowcases for our king pillows. I am emailing you.

Cheyenne- I totally winging it. What happened to your reupholster project? I can't wait to see!

Ashley- You just saved my life. This website is amazing. Thank you!


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