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August 14, 2009

Time Traveler's Wife

Dan is really thrilled that he gets to (read: is being forced to) go see The Time Traveler's Wife with me this weekend. I have been excited for this movie all summer, but was saddened this morning while in bed watching Today when the crazy haired movie reviewer gave it a mediocre review. This made me panic, because its bad enough that I am forcing Dan to go see a chick flick- but if its a BAD chick flick I am really screwed.

Typically I like to read the book before seeing the movie. My friend Maria told me to read the book ages ago, but since we have polar opposite taste in books (she enjoys intellectual reads, I enjoy trash) I ignored her recommendation. But then I heard that the book is really good, so I have been trying to track it down for a month but due to the buzz of the movie all my favorite second hand websites are either out, or priced so high I might as well go get it at Barnes and Noble.

Here's the trailer for those of you who live under a rock:

In other news I am cooking today. I know, I am not happy about it either. But since Dan started working he has stopped cooking for me and I don't know if I can go a year eating Taco Bell so I have decided that every Friday I am going to try to cook something new despite the fact that it goes against my very DNA composition. Blog post to follow shortly thereafter.

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Themis0307 said...

You wanna borrow my copy? I loved it!


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