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August 13, 2009

Things To Do Before You Sign a Lease

Hallelujah! I am reconnected to the world!

We have officially moved into our first house together. It is super cute, all brick, REALLY big, in a great part of town, with a very unique and fun layout. That being said, I have learned a lot from this house leasing experience. First, check all the faucets before you sign a lease to make sure the facets can differentiate between hot and cold water. Second, flush all the toilets to make sure that you don't have to stand there for five minutes with the handle down to make sure everything...uh, goes down. Third, check all the doors and fences to make sure that they close properly. Fourth (and most important), google the address to make sure that no newsworthy murders have occurred on your street.

I am not even kidding.

Dan decided to break the news to me like this. We were walking the dogs last night when he pointed to the house on the corner and said "that house is vacant." This didn't really phase me, so I kind of just brushed off the comment and changed the subject. A couple moments later Dan randomly said "So our neighborhood is really safe."

"Oh? You did a crime check?" I said happily. I planned on google searching sex offenders as soon as we got the internet.

"Ya totally. Very safe neighborhood...I just found one thing that has ever happened..."

I stop dead in my tracks. I know my husband and I knew where he was going. "What HAPPENED IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD? There wasn't like a murder or something was there???" (oh irony).

"No. No." says Dan.

"Oh good. Because that would totally freak me out."


"Well what happened?"

"Well it wasn't just one murder. was a double homicide."


"That empty house on the corner."


Yes, ladies and gentlemen- we live on a street where a double murder happened within the past year. Plus it wasn't just any double murder, it was a pretty newsworthy double murder. Like my mother heard about it in IDAHO. I wont go into too many details because I don't know if I want the world to know our exact neighborhood, but I will say that the only thing that gives me solace is that as far as I can tell it was definitely a hit and not just a random act of violence. But still. IT FREAKS ME OUT.

For the record. We feed our German Shepard raw meat for dinner and she is bullet proof. Break into our home and you will surely die a sordid and painful death. The Yorkie is pretty vicious too.


Themis0307 said...

Holy crap. Yeah, that would freak me out too.

You forgot to mention that both your dogs have a very deadly form of rabies...right?

Melissa said...

Yes! Yes! And this form of rabies is transmitted just by sharing air!!


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