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August 20, 2009

Meet My Little Friend...

My brain was not meant to stay at home. I like to have projects. All the time. I perfer ones that I get paid to complete, but while jobless I am constantly creating my own little meaningless tasks.

While I joke about watching TV all day, I really am doing like 500 other things while watching TV. One of those things is organizing a coupon book. Lets get one thing straight, I hate using coupons. It makes shopping super not fun AND stresses me out. However, I was watching the news the other day when they had a coupon expert on. She proceeded to buy $140 worth of groceries and after coupons paid only $8!!!! I am NOT KIDDING YOU. I thus became inspired and decided that we are now going to be a coupon using household. Its like Kate Gosslin said, "not using a coupon is like flushing money down the toilet," and how are we supposed to make our millions while flushing money down the toilet??? (Did you like my Kate Gosslin shout out? I thought you might.)

I googled how to organize these things and found a great play by play HERE that I modified to fit my own needs. Another great coupon cutting resource can be found HERE. Did you know that you can download coupons online now? I love the internet. Anyways, I'll keep you updated on how long this little project of mine lasts before I tire of it and move onto my next obsession.

Tomorrow will be an office tour. Getting the office put together is boring and requires that I go through the big stack of papers on my desk. I would much rather organize coupons.

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