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August 5, 2009

Half Price Books

One of the best things about Dallas is Half Price Books, a HUGE second hand bookstore that leaves nothing to be desired. They have numerous smaller shops spread throughout the city, but I prefer the larger store that I could literally get lost in FOR HOURS! Today I picked up two new reads to fill my time.

The first is The May Queen ($3!!!!) which is an older book that is a collection of essays of women entering their thirties.

The novel is described on its website as follows:
Rejecting the notion of "having it all" and society's unrealistic and often conflicting demands about what women should be, these writers-some of whom are also artists, actors, musicians, and playwrights-speak frankly about love, sex, career, feminism, motherhood, living a creative life, and much more. Their personal stories are evidence that the thirties can be a time of self-discovery, of learning from and making peace with the past, and realizing dreams in often surprising ways. As they unveil their triumphs and even their failures, it's easy to see that the old rules that once so narrowly defined us no longer apply.

The second was this last novel I have left to read by Emily Giffin. I specifically left it for last because its about babies...and I don't normally relate to such novels. However, everything Giffin writes I love so I thought I would give it a shot.

See? Dallas is not so bad. Maybe I will get a job at Half Price Books. Then I can sit between the aisles and read, read, read until my heart is content. Or at least until they catch me and I'm fired.

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