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August 7, 2009

Dog Park

We got Kadira a little less then two months ago. For the last month-ish she has been staying with Dan's Mom in Arizona while we took the bar and completed the move. Two days ago Dan's Mom drove her all the way up to Dallas to bring Kadira back and she is now HUGE.

Here's a picture of her when we first got her....

Here is a picture of her now! Look how our girl has grown!!

She is behaving so much better. I give Dan's mom major credit. I also think I can handle her a little better now that I have de-morphed from being a bar studying monster.

She is fiercely loyal and follows Dan around like, well, a puppy. She has been laying by the door for the last 3 hours waiting for Dan to come home from work (I am scared to tell her she's got another three hours or so...) She also is a bit skiddish around other dogs so last night we took her to a fabulous local dog park to start getting her socalized...

It was HUGE with a pool, picnic tables, and even fire hydrants scattered all over.

Kadira did not like the dog park. She spent the entire time trying to dodge all the other dogs and finally hid underneath a bench. I felt like we had our preschool daughter that we were taking to school for the first day. At one point a sweet little Corgi noticed Kadira sitting all by herself and came up and greeted her by sniffing her butt. It was a kind gesture that Kadira was not having, and she immediately took off with her tail between her legs.

After Kadira got a little snippy with a Pit Bull we decided that she probably had enough for the day, so we took her home, but will definitely be back. They have park for little dogs right next door. I can't wait to take Toby but he is going to have to wait until we get him into the vet and on heartworm medication since that is apparently very prevalent in the South.


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