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July 1, 2009

Check Your Neck

I have hypothyroidism. Which is essentially a fancy word for saying my thyroid in my neck doesn't work properly. In truth, tons of people have it, I just felt special because I got mine in the fourth grade (which is rare). My mother broke me the news by saying "You have a thyroid problem which can be fixed, but you will have to take a pill for the rest of you life."

Well...when you are nine or ten years old "rest of your life" seems like a really REALLY long time. I wailed. I remember sobbing for days like I had cancer or something. I had an image of this pill being one of those giant horse pills that I gagged down every time I had bronchitis.

But in truth, its like the smallest pill ever. And the only real problem I have with hypothyroidsim is that it never ceases to be a giant pain in my ass.

Like for example right now.

I have to get a check up once a year. I normally go to the same doctor at home around Christmastime...but this year due to Snowpocalipse (refer to post "Did I Move to Alaska In My Sleep?") I did not make it home this year. So I decided I was going to go to a specialist. I was really excited about finally going to a specialist because I have a lot of questions. When you get diagnosed with something when you're in the 4th grade you quickly forget to ask important questions as it just becomes a part of your daily routine.

Plus I wanted to ask him about the Light of Life Foundation which can be found at Great organization. Definitely check out the link.

So I do my research and find a doctor who got really good reviews online. Yet when he walked in the door he was so COLD and EVIL and when I started asking him questions he gave me a handout and left the room. I was pissed because I just spent all this extra money I didn't have to ask him some expert questions. But whatever.

As always, my medication was off so I changed it up and waited three months for my follow up check up. Yet when I call the office they informed me that Mr. Expert just shut down his office. SHUT IT DOWN. In like a month he was just like "peace!" and didn't tell anybody.


Thus I had to convince my old doctor to proscribe me my medicine without actually seeing me. This was a huge deal that I will not bore you with. We'll just say that I found myself...a graduated law student...back at the student health center making up a quasi fib about how I swore I got an email saying I was still covered while studying for the bar. Plus I had already faxed them the blood order so....couldn't we just draw the blood and be down with it?

They acquiesce (because they are awesome) and I proceed to wait for a whole hour why they take anybody with a pulse over me. I am not complaining. I just want this done. At which point they finally call me back and are like "uh, we don't have your blood order."

SOMETHING THAT COULD HAVE BEEN TOLD TO ME AN HOUR AGO! (but like I said, totally not complaining. Its not like I have given this school 6 years of my life and hundreds of thousands of my future dollars anyways.)

So I proceed to call old doctor and ask them to refax the order...and just as the order is coming through the fax machine...

The lights go out.

I sh$t you not.

So I wait for 30 minutes for the lights to come back on before I'm like "can you just TAKE the blood and THEN get the order?" Well of course not, but they did call my new doctor and decided that they could go ahead with the blood order.

But there is one problem. There is no light anywhere in the office except the front entryway.

So there I was. Sitting in the hallway of the the health center getting my blood drawn while undergrads climb over me to get downstairs to the human resources office. It was lovely. But it was done. And today I got a call from my doctor to inform me that my T3 levels were off and I would need to get another sample in 6 weeks.

In Texas.


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