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July 20, 2009

Card, Cards, Cards...

During my study break, I was going through all of our wedding cards in hopes of starting my lofty ambition of creatively displaying them in our guest book. So often the cards go unnoticed, but not for me! I love cards. Some of them are just too cute for words, so I thought I would share some of my favorites:

My friend Hannah made us this one and it is probably my favorite. I think its so creative, and even better when we got engaged she sent us a card with one pretty little ring on it- and when we got married it had two rings! Seriously Hannah, open your etsy shop NOW.

You can't fully tell from the picture, but the glitter design is perfection, and the doves are holding two rings that have little engravings on them. Beautiful! (from the Walkers)

I loved the bead work and bow- as well as the pretty edge (from Crissy and Jenna)

Three dimensional AND glitter! (from the Reeders)

I loved the accent on the dress (The Adams)

This one may-or-may not have actually been a Valentine's Day card from my parents, but it was so cute I added it to the pile.

From my bridesmaid Thu, I mean seriously how cute is this? There is a little wire hanging the towels that are actual fabric with embroidery. Love it.

From Dan's groomsmen Steve and his wife Ellie. A beautiful picture and a wonderful sentiment.

Everything on this card was made via overlapping layers and it turned out fabulous! (Thanks Boswells!)

I am a big fan of funny cards, in fact if you get a card from me it is rarely sentimental thus I fully appreciated the hilarity of this card (thanks Jen!)

(PS I'm trying out the signature thing...not sure if it's going to stay...but we're feeling it out...)


kelsey said...

I am (still) working on a project to use up the cute cards we got for our wedding, as well. I am attempting to cut them out and make a sort of matte-border for a frame, and then put a wedding picture of us in the middle. It will have to be a big frame...we got a lot of cards! I love that you saved your favs... I'm such a card lover, too!

Melissa said...

No kidding! That's a great idea. I've been racking my brain with a fun way to preserve all of them. Send me a picture when you get yours done.


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