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June 12, 2009


While on our honeymoon I could not stop taking pictures. We bought the camera so that I could get some great shots, but it got to the point where Dan was like "are you on this honeymoon with me or the camera?" Touche!

I have spent hours going through the hundreds of pictures I took. Here are a few of my favorites.

THE BOAT: Carnival Liberty

I have never been a cruise so you have to forgive my fascination with all things boaty. Everything I know about cruises I learned from watching Titanic.

This is the waterslide. I'm fairly certain that Dan and I were the only adults on the cruise (who did not have children) who went on the waterslide on a daily basis. Every afternoon we would be on the top deck laying out (because I needed the wind) and then slide down when we got too hot. This was a great plan until we got to the bottom and had to bolt up four flights of stairs with seering hot pavement burning our feet. I now have no feeling in the bottom of my feet.

I would show you the pictures of Dan during the lifeguard seminar but they are primarily of him giving me a look that said "are you f-ing kidding that I have to wear this life vest right now." For me, the seminar was very informative. I ensured that we learned from the fate of the Titanic and there were enough lifeboats for everybody. Just in case, I also ensured that the age old rule of "women and children in the lifeboat first" was still the policy.

The elevators

The Golden Dining Hall

Dan and I enjoying lunch. Nothing in the world made me happier then the "drink of the day" which always included a mini umbrella. Does anybody know where I can buy mini umbrellas in bulk to put in my diet coke at home?

No seriously. I really did just take a picture of the bathrobes. I also considered buying one despite the fact that I own two.

Did you not read my post Old Lady Bathrobe Syndrome?

I made sure I knew where all the life preservers were on the ship in case we ran across somebody in the sea and I could be a hero...and also for me to steal if the ship decided to sink.

For the most part, the activities on the boat were pretty lame. But one night there was a big battle between the decks and EVERYONE participated. I am happy to report that the red team (our team) dominated. Obviously. Its red...and we were on the team.


First, we flew to Miami on free Southwest credit. That was pretty awesome. Then, when our boat docked earlier then we thought Southwest switched our flight a day earlier then previously booked FOR FREE.

SERIOUSLY? What other airline does that? They are amazing.

But to add to their amazing-ness, when the flight attendant found out it was our honeymoon they gave us a fee bottle of champaign!

PS Did I spell champaign right? Because the stupid spell check does not have my spelling as an option. Obviously the creators of spell check are non-drinkers.

(Okay I didn't say it was QUALITY champaign. We are in an economic crisis after all.)


Upon arriving in Jamaica we boarded a bus (read: van meant for 10 people holding 15) to Dunn's River Falls. Now, let me just say that when we decided to climb Dunn's River Falls I thought we were walking beside the waterfall. But when I saw everyone put their belongings in the shady wood lockers and walk down to the falls in their swimsuit I started to understand that I would not be walking on a simple hiking trail.

Obviously I could not take my SLR camera on the hike (which takes a little under two hours), but after we were done Dan jumped back in and I got some great pictures with my telephonic lens.

After the falls we walked around some shops and realized we were not meant to barter. The whole concept just makes me feel uncomfortable- JUST TELL ME WHAT THE PRICE IS. Our barter efforts went like this.

US: We will give you $15
THEM: $60
US: $15
THEM: $55
US $15
THEM: $40
US: $15
THEM: Get out of my shop.

This is not just a pretty picture of the water- look closer and you will see a surprise! (hint, I mentioned my love for them earlier. And no its not a bathrobe.)


After a near death experience getting to Dolphin Discovery, we finally made it to fufill my dream of swimming with dolphins! Here is me bonding with a rescue dolphin named Maggie.

The experience was amazing and the dolphins were so incredibly sweet. We got to be towed and do the foot push. Too bad working with dolphins requires the study of science and and not law...

Dan could not get me snorkline to save his life in the Caymen Islands. Everytime I went in the water I freaked out. Read my post Brave on Seven Dames a Week to understand why.

The rocks Dan tried to convince me we should snorkel off of. I said "hell no- after I jump off how am I getting back up?" at which point he fell on them and cut himself. Point proven.

Read about my take on the Sea Turtles at Brave on Seven Dames a Week.


Seriously, this island is the most beautiful and amazing place I have ever been (and I've been to some pretty badass places). The people were so amazing and the island is so untouched. Dan and I are buying a place there ASAP.*

*And by ASAP I mean when we are 60.

School of fish Dan saw while snorkeling.

We went zip lining which you can also ready about at Brave on Seven Dames a Week as well.

Going down what our guides called "Big Mama."

How bad do you want to fall asleep on this chair?

Up until this moment my happy place was the hammock at the Marriot in the Florida Keyes. It has now been replaced with this amazing view...

Goodbye Rotan!



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Maureen said...

I'm soooo glad you had fun, and also sooo glad you bought that wonderful camera! Great photos!!


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