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May 14, 2009


So it happened last night. The dreaded pre-wedding nightmares that I hear about. I was hoping I could fend them off for at least another week, but I was just so exhausted when I went to bed and my mind was still whirling with all I had to do. It started as just one of those manic dreams about budget. I woke up like 20 times thinking about nonsense budget items. THEN I had the WORST DREAM EVER!

I have been having huge anxiety about deciding the music for the ceremony. When I think of walking down the aisle to "Here Comes the Bride" I feel that little spot in between my shoulders tense up because I HATE that song. In the dream, the DJ defied my request for him not to play "Here Comes the Bride" and the second I walked out he PLAYED IT. I, of course, threw down my bouquet in utter rage, ran down the aisle toward the DJ, and attacked him.

Literally attacked him.

I woke up just PISSED. Then, when I came to, I thought "Crap. I am having crazy wedding dreams now. This is awful."

Now Dan and I are in the midst of a huge apartment overhaul. I have not cleaned in WEEKS because I knew this day was coming. The day where we turn our apartment upside down to make it suitable for visitors. And by me saying "Dan and I" I mean me. Because I definitely asked Dan to keep Thursday open for all-day cleaning and he definitely just left for a hearing he conveniently forgot he had.


Maybe someone else is going to get attacked when they come home. And this one WONT be a dream.

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