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April 8, 2009

Universe Wins Today

Today was a crappy, crappy day. It was one of those days where at around 2:00 in the afternoon I almost raised my hand in the middle of everybody and screamed "OKAY UNIVERSE!!! I GET IT! YOU WIN! I SHOULD NOT HAVE GOT OUT OF BED THIS MORNING! TODAY WINS! I AM GOING HOME."

Life: 1 Melissa: 0

It was one of those days where EVERYTHING went wrong. Almost hysterically so. This morning during trial I could not verbalize a coherent statement to save my life. I had two trials and during the closing of each, about halfway through I thought to myself,

"Melissa. What the HELL are you talking about. You are making no sense."

And when you're the one speaking and you don't understand what you're saying...there's a problem.

But whatever. I still got a favorable verdict, but dear GOD- I would rather lose in a close trial where I feel like I did a good job then half ass it and feel like I won by the skin of my teeth.

Then I went to class. I really REALLY did not want to go to class today, but I went anyways. Because I have Skipping Class Guilt Syndrome. On some days this disease is in remission and I can fight back the urges, but today I was just too weak. Yet while I was walking up to the pearly steps of the lawschools I realized my load was kind of light. Did I have everything? Computer? (check), notepad? (check), phone? (check), pens/pencils? (check, check), cold medicine for the constant stuffy nose I've had for weeks??? (check!)

Oh yesssss books. (uncheck)

I had forgot my books.

The only thing I wanted to do when I got home was go for a brilliant walk in the sunshine. I promised myself during class then when I got back from court I would take Toby on a long walk by the river and enjoy my day. Unwind. Get some Vitamin D. Maybe smile even? Get the endorphins pumping through my system.

But as I walked to court the sky clouded over, the wind picked up, and I felt little drops of rain dripping on my curled (now flat) hair.


So as I stated, it was a crappy, crappy day. I am now officially waiving my white flag and crawling into bed defeated with the hope of a new tomorrow.

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