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April 11, 2009

Life in the Middle-of-Nowhere

Every morning I drive down the hill to get to the freeway. When I get to the bottom I look to my right and always see this incredible view. This picture doesn't even fully capture how vivid and green the trees are- some mornings they just sparkle in the morning sun.

It would be a perfect picture except for that stupid tunnel sign around the bend.

We live out in the middle of nowhere due to a series of unfortunate events (read "If God Is Punishing Us for Moving In Together, I Really Think He Overdid It"). Dan and I were grateful to find this place, but have subsequently decided that we will never live so far away from a Wal-Mart nor a Taco Bell ever again.

They built these apartments on a piece of land that should never have anything built on it. I am fairly certain the apartments at the top of the hill are going to come crashing down on the apartments below due to hill's future decay. Our apartment is also right next to some lovely train tracks. Everytime a train goes by our whole apartment shakes. We have got used to it, but everytime we have guest over we have to explain that its not an earthquake, just a train. Its really tragically hysterical, maybe someday we will look back and laugh on it (but not today).

There is a GIANT HILL at the top of the complex where they are building some beautiful homes that overlook the whole city. Houses are now blocking the best views, but here's a taste of what you could see out your kitchen window for $250K (I verified this amount with a relater by the way).

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