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March 1, 2009

Dumb, Stupid Idea

I am a little bit of a perfectionist, which is why after months of searching I determined that nobody could possibly make my wedding invitation the way I wanted them so I would be making them myself.



I do not have time to do this. I am in my third year of law school. I am working thirty hours a week- and I think I have time to be CRAFTY? Idiot.

I had the best of intentions of having them done before I left for Seattle and DC this week but that is obviously not happening. I frantically tried to spend the day cutting over 400 little cards while attempting to get my life in order- and I got was a half packed suitecase and a VERY swollen knuckle from cutting with the sissors. I'm not kidding. I can barely bend it.

But the worst part is I'm not even done with that project before I am fantasizing about another.

Check out these AWESOME paper roses:



and HERE

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