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January 13, 2009

Denver Drivers Beware.

I have not seen my friend Katherine since our cross country road adventure-where we drove my sweet little Pontiac Grand Am five bajillion miles to New York from Idaho Falls almost three years ago. Since then, I'm pretty sure we have talked on the phone almost every day. No joke. Oh the wonder of Verizon to Verizon minutes.

So I was thrilled when Kat said she was coming to visit- and due to proper protocol she was trained in the warfare of Mario Kart Wii seconds upon arrival. We even made her into own Wii figure (see above. I take full credit for her badass sunglasses).

Katherine would have been really good at Mario Kart if she was willing to put down her cell phone for three seconds. Drivers in Denver beware...see below to get an idea of how Kat drives while talking on her cell phone.

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