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January 21, 2009


So when Dan and I are on particularly long car trips and we have played the alphabet game, would you rather, name the song on the ipod before the other one, and solved all the worlds problems by talking them to death...we resort to games like "name all the states in alphabetical order and their capitals." Its a collaborative effort. I sickly can name all the states in alphabetical order (its my party trick), and Dan has lived in so many places he has the capitals pretty much on lock down. We normally have a good guess for most of them, but not having a 100% really bothers Dan.

Even though we haven't played the game since Thanksgiving, I came home yesterday to him saying "I figured out Rhode Island. It Providence!"

Anyways, this memory came up this morning while I was reading Melissa Jill Photography Blog and she gave a great LINK to a geography game that has left me captivated for far to long. Its a must play for everyone bored at work, and you wont even feel guilty because you're learning geography!

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